Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Richardson blasts Lamb on eliminating sales tax exemptions


    Conservative GOP candidate for governor, Gary Richardson, released a video today highlighting all of the groups that would be affected by Lt. Governor Lamb’s call to eliminate all sales tax exemptions.

    “How could anyone in his right mind believe the solution to Oklahoma’s problems is to levy new taxes on schools, churches and farmers,” Gary Richardson asks.  "20% of our school districts are down to four-day school weeks, our churches serve the poor in our communities, and the last thing our farmers and ranchers need is another government burden.  I cannot think of a more illogical response than demanding a new state sales tax on every capital purchase made by schools, churches, farmers and ranchers. Oklahoma desperately needs systemic changes to its budgeting process but this scheme would place the burden squarely on the shoulders of our children and most vulnerable citizens.“

     Richardson has been advocating for performance and forensic audits of every state agency to weed out fraud, waste and corruption before considering tax hike.  “Oklahoma is not a poor state, but a state with poor leadership,” Richardson said.  “Once we audit every agency, we can find the waste, and end the corruption.  That’s how we can fund our government without raising taxes.”

    Gary Richardson is a native Oklahoman, a former US Attorney appointed by President Reagan and founder of a nationally-renowned law firm in Tulsa.


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