Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Step Up Oklahoma's $600M tax hike fails in House

Last night, the main vehicle for the 'Step Up Oklahoma' tax hikes (HB 1033XX) failed to receive the requisite number of votes for passage in the State House of Representatives. Needing 76 votes, it only received 63, with 35 members voting against.

One of the largest tax increases to ever get a vote in the legislature, this measure would have raised nearly $600M in new revenue by increasing tobacco and fuel taxes as well as production taxes on oil, natural gas, and wind.

53 Republicans shamefully voted for the bill, while 18 stood up for taxpayers and voted no. 18 Democrats voted in favor, with 10 opposed.

The following Republicans were champions for the hardworking Oklahoma taxpayers who fight every day to put food on the table for their families:

  • John Bennett
  • Kevin Calvey
  • Bobby Cleveland
  • Jeff Coody
  • Tim Downing
  • Travis Dunlap
  • George Faught
  • Tom Gann
  • Tommy Hardin
  • Scott McEachin
  • Casey Murdock
  • Jason Murphey
  • Mike Ritze
  • Sean Roberts
  • Chuck Strohm
  • Tess Teague
  • Kevin West
  • Rick West

The Republicans below betrayed the Oklahoma taxpayer by voting to increase their taxes in order to cover up government waste and mismanagement:

    Greg Babinec, Rhonda Baker, Carol Bush, Chad Caldwell, Dennis Casey, Josh Cockroft, Dale Derby, Jon Echols, John Enns, Scott Fetgatter, Roger Ford, Ross Ford, Avery Frix, Elise Hall, Katie Henke, Kyle Hilbert, Justin Humphrey, John Paul Jordan, Chris Kannady, Dell Kerbs, Mark Lawson, Mark Lepak, Ryan Martinez, Mark McBride, Randy McDaniel, Kevin McDugle, Marcus McEntire, John Montgomery, Lewis Moore, Glen Mulready, Jadine Nollan, Terry O'Donnell, Charles Ortega, Leslie Osborn, Mike Osburn, Pay Ownbey, Scooter Park, John Pfeiffer, Dustin Roberts, Michael Rogers, Todd Russ, Mike Sanders, Earl Sears, Zack Taylor, Todd Thomsen, Steve Vaughan, Kevin Wallace, Weldon Watson, Josh West, Tammy West, Rande Worthen, Harold Wright, Speaker Charles McCall.

Muskogee-area representatives: 
  • George Faught (R-Muskogee) - AGAINST tax hikes on Oklahomans
  • Avery Frix (R-Muskogee) - FOR tax hikes on Oklahomans
  • Ed Cannaday (D-Porum) - FOR tax hikes on Oklahomans
  • Scott Fetgatter (R-Okmulgee) - FOR tax hikes on Oklahomans
  • Kevin McDugle (R-Broken Arrow) - FOR tax hikes on Oklahomans
  • Matt Meredith (D-Tahlequah) - AGAINST tax hikes on Oklahomans


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