Sunday, February 11, 2018

AFP-OK: Contact Your Legislators to stop Tax Hikes!

AFP Implores Citizens to Contact Their Local Representatives on Tax Hikes

Americans for Prosperity has long advocated for and sought meaningful reforms at the state Capitol. From issues such as pension improvements to transparency in the state budget process, we continue to see great potential for meaningful reforms. But until we have an honest conversation about what the state spends our money on, we shouldn’t try to fill a budget gap with permanent tax increases that equal three or four times the gap. Yet, that was voted on in a House committee Friday and is expected to be voted on the House floor Monday.

Legislators must hear from their constituents on the tax and spend issue now to once and for all tell them that more taxes are not the answer. Legislators need to stop listening to lobbyist at the Capitol and instead listen to the people back home that elected them. People that are working hard to earn a living, who expect their elected officials to do their job and make government better, not bigger. People who expect that government will shrink before their wallet does.

If those who are genuinely interested in seeing our revenue “crisis” solved would simply shift their energy to addressing the root causes of the problem, we could truly fill the budget shortfall, bring fiscal responsibility to Oklahoma City and better serve Oklahomans of all walks.

As Ronald Reagan so aptly put it, “The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much.”

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