Thursday, February 01, 2018

Lamb Leads Individual Contributions in 4th Quarter

Lamb Leads Individual Contributions in 4th Quarter
Has Over $1 Million Cash-On-Hand Advantage, Over $3.1 Million Raised

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, February 1, 2018 – Oklahomans for Lamb announced today it finished the fourth quarter fundraising period with a total raised of over $3.1 million, and more than $2.6 million cash-on-hand. The Lamb campaign added nearly $404,000 in contributions during the fourth quarter which concluded December 31st and has over a $1 million cash-on-hand advantage. Over 1,700 individual contributors have made donations. The campaign has also received a contribution from all 77 counties.

“I am extremely pleased with my campaign fundraising, and beyond appreciative to the over 1,700 individuals who have staked their claim with my RENEW Oklahoma campaign,” Todd Lamb said. “Furthermore, I am even more excited with our prudent fiscal management which allowed us to end the fourth quarter with over $2.6 million on hand. It is no secret the primary election will be extremely expensive, and in order to reach our goal of winning the Republican nomination, a statewide grassroots campaign, complete with strong fundraising, is absolutely essential. I am thrilled about the energy level of my campaign, and the execution of it at all levels. Oklahomans from every county are supporting my proven, conservative message to RENEW Oklahoma, and that serves as a great personal motivator.”

“While I am pleased with our fundraising, it is our cash-on-hand advantage which does the most to set our campaign up for success,” said Keith Beall, Oklahomans for Lamb campaign manager. “No other campaign has the statewide financial support or grassroots network we do, and no other campaign has a candidate working as hard to garner the trust of Oklahomans as Todd Lamb.”

Oklahomans interested in learning more about the Lamb campaign may visit, telephone the campaign headquarters at 405.252.4289 or email


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