Saturday, February 03, 2018

Coleman Comments on Earmarks

Coleman Comments on Earmarks

Andy Coleman, candidate running for the Republican nomination in Oklahoma's First Congressional District, released the following statement regarding earmarks:

Bringing back earmarks will only create more reckless spending by Congress and balloon our debt to even higher levels.  Right now Congress needs to be finding ways to cut spending, not accelerate it. 

Because of that, I am 100% opposed to earmarks.

Earmarks are a favor factory for insiders and lobbyists that benefit special interests at the expense of taxpayers. Earmarks will produce more pork barrel spending that will ultimately drive up deficits and debt.

Over my life, I’ve stood up for what I believe in, and backed it up with action — even if it came at terrible risk.  I’m a battle-tested conservative who believes earmarks are flat-out wrong.  In Congress, I’ll push back against any effort to bring them back, and will fight to rein-in redline spending. I’m not going to back down from tough fights.

Bloggers note: as far as I know, Coleman is the first candidate in the 1st Congressional District to make such a public statement against reviving earmarks. In contrast, 2nd District Congressman Markwayne Mullin spoke to a recent House committee meeting on the topic, pleading for earmarks to be brought back.


  1. absolutely and their is already enough corruption along with non accountability of funding in this state .

  2. This articles shows a fundamental lack of understanding by Mr. Coleman of the Congressional budget process. Earmarks have been abused in the past but they served a legitimate function in the budget oversight process. The place to control spending is in the appropriations process. Vote against spending there. However if the money is approved to be spent in the appropriation passes in spite of your NO vote, then earmark it for your district IF you can provide the service/product best. The money once approved will be spent somewhere and it should be a congressional function to decide where that will be aka 'earmarked'


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