Thursday, February 01, 2018

4Q Labor Commissioner Campaign Finance Reports

Continuing through the 4th Quarter campaign finance reports, we'll now look at the race for Labor Commissioner. All three are Republicans: Cathy Costello (widow of the late Labor Commissioner Mark Costello), former State Sen. (and ex-felon) Leo Kingston, and State Rep. Leslie Osborn. As in previous posts, the totals are campaign-to-date.

Cathy Costello
Total raised: $296,567.35 (includes $275,050 loan)
Total spent: $20,769.40
Total cash-on-hand: $271,825.60

Leo Kingston 
Total raised: $850,000 (all in personal loans)
Total spent: $0
Total cash-on-hand: $850,000 

Leslie Osborn
Total raised: $356,854.58 ($143,882.08 transferred from State House account)
Total spent: $40,825.41
Total cash-on-hand: $311,184.36