Monday, July 26, 2010

Switzer and Miller: 'Spy' Cams and Tax Credits

There is a common thread between two controversies covered by prominent Oklahoma bloggers and watchdogs.

Ken Miller and Barry Switzer - the InsureNet 'Spy' Camera Controversy

Mike McCarville, of the prominent and widely respected McCarville Report Online, has covered the InsureNet "Spy Cam" controversy very thoroughly in the past few months. His work uncovered several individuals who played key roles in the process.

Former football coach Barry Switzer has been involved in a nationwide move with InsureNet to land contracts for highway cameras designed to scan license plates. The first step in the process here in Oklahoma was to get the system moving through legislative means. Entering the scene here is State Rep. Ken Miller, who is now running for State Treasurer. Switzer has donated the maximum contribution of $5,000 to Miller's Treasurer race.

McCarville has many posts on this particular issue, but there are two specific posts that detail the involvement of Switzer and Miller. The first post is here, and the second is here.

Ken Miller and Barry Switzer - Controversy over Tax Credits

There is another tie between Miller and Switzer, dealing with tax credits.

From Andrew Griffin at Oklahoma Watchdog:
Investigative researcher and writer Nick Baker who goes by the handle “The Prowling Owl” and runs wrote a story in 2009 headlined “Tax credit fraud details found in Foxborough prospectus.” Involved in Foxborough, reported Baker, was Foxborough board member Barry Switzer, a figure, the researcher believes is involved in a program “to steal public funds, through tax credit scams.” This prospectus, Baker notes, is basically saying: “Our goal is tax credits,  we don’t want companies with employees. We only want companies that don’t need money and have the free and clear assets to borrow the money to give us on paper so we can give it back, call it an investment and get tax credits.”

In another post, headlined “OTC (Oklahoma Tax Commission) gives Switzer’s and partner’s $48 million in tax credits for investing $5 million,” Baker writes: “The fraud is executed in the Oklahoma Tax Commission, which comes under the supervision of the state treasurer. Barry Switzer just had a fundraiser for Rep. Ken Miller, running for state treasurer. Miller is currently chairman of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee, one of the most powerful positions in the legislature, while tax credit fraud runs rampant and ignored. While Switzer and cronies pillage the state treasury.”

The rest of the OW story is here. Nick Baker, of, has written extensively about hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credit fraud, which, in addition to Switzer, Miller, and numerous other individuals, also implicates 5th District congressional candidate Kevin Calvey.


  1. we get it don't like Ken Miller for some reason. but seriously, you are bordering on becoming obsessed with the guy.

  2. but seriously, you are bordering on becoming obsessed with the guy.

    Oh, really? How many posts have I done on Ken Miller?

  3. Anonymous,
    Why are you saying that? It seems to me that these reports are legitimate reasons for concern. I, for one, appreciate the research Jamison has done in order to help us make an informed vote.

    When I did a search for "Ken Miller" on Muskogeepolitico's former posts, I don't see an obsession. Just the one story about an article published by (an independent, nonpartisan news service based at the Oklahoma state capitol). The other posts are basically about candidate filings, straw polls, fundraising, etc...

    Sounds like you are upset that Jamison endorsed Miller's opponent, Owen Laughlin....and can't get over it.

    Keep up the good work, Jamison!
    Ann O.

  4. Jamison, when are you going to remove the "Anonymous" option for comments? These folks hiding behind anonymity lack credibility!

    Ann O.

  5. Thank You for your investigative work sir. It is appreciated.

  6. I haven't kept count of posts, but there have been numerous digs at him that indicate you have some personal issue. I specifically remember you questioning his integrity.I have attended several campaign events over the past few months and met both Miller and Laughlin. They are both nice guys but Miller went above and beyond to complement his opponent and keep it classy. I don't care who a 20-something political novice endorses but I do detest hypocrisy.


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