Thursday, July 08, 2010

Brogdon Attacks Fallin in New Ad

Randy Brogdon released the following ad today, attacking Mary Fallin:

I'm going to be candid. I'm a Brogdon supporter, but I do not like this type of status-quo campaigning.

We need people who are willing to stand on principle, and stand above the fray of negative campaigning. A campaign should be focused on giving voters clear, positive reasons to vote for you, not why to vote against the other person. Randy Brogdon has plenty of positives that he could focus on, but it appears that his campaign staff is determined to focus on attacking Mary Fallin - what I consider to be a failed strategy.

Negative campaigning is easy, but it stinks. To run a positive campaign, one that does not stoop to throw mud, is hard, but oh so worth it. Few people really do it anymore, and that is a lamentable fact.


  1. Brogdon has done plenty of positive ads, too, but at some point he has to explain to the voters why his opponent, despite her high visibility and prominent endorsements, is not the best choice for conservative voters.

  2. The only thing negative is my bank accunt after bailout mary picked my pockets.
    Please dont let her continue to run Oklahomans in the negitive
    Lets put ourselves back in the POSITIVE vote RANDY BROGDON!


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