Thursday, July 15, 2010

Endorsement: Owen Laughlin for State Treasurer

My next endorsement is in the race for State Treasurer. Two Republicans filed for this seat, and the winner of the primary election will be facing a no-name Democrat.

Without the slightest hesitation, former state senator Owen Laughlin receives my enthusiastic endorsement.

Owen is the candidate with the character, integrity, values, vision, and experience we need in the office of State Treasurer.

He served for twelve years in the Oklahoma State Senate, representing rural northwestern Oklahoma, his home since 1973, when he married his wife, Charlette. They have four children, and two grand-children. He was one of the most conservative Republican members of the state senate during his tenure.

Owen was in the banking business for over twenty years, and successfully guided his banks through numerous boom-and-bust cycles in the 1980s. He has actual hands-on experience for the job of state treasurer. In addition to banking, he had a small oil and gas operation, and served as Assistant District Attorney. In his final two years in the state senate, he served as the Republican Co-Floor Leader of the evenly divided (24-24) state senate - with the chamber split, one Republican and one Democrat each served as Co-Floor Leader.

Laughlin also is a strong Christian, and has lived his life in accordance to biblical principles. He and his family have the highest moral character.

This particular race is the clearest, easiest choice for me - Owen Laughlin is the man for the job.

You can learn more about Owen and his campaign by visiting his website at He is also on Twitter (@OwenLaughlin) and Facebook.

Owen joins Tom Coburn and Dana Murphy as my endorsed candidates for the July 27th Republican primary. Stay tuned for more endorsements!


  1. Just curious why this race is the "clearest, easiest choice for me?" I have heard Owen speak and he is a nice man and seems to be true to his conservative roots which I like. Is his opponent that bad?

  2. No,Owen's opponent is not a bad person. Just think Owen is better qualified.

  3. I'm voting for Owen, too. He's the genuine thing! Business man, banking experience, and a former State Senator. His opponent is arrogant and has NO real-world experience. I'm voting for Owen and urge every other republican to do the same!

  4. His opponent has no real world experience? Do you live in a cave? Ken Miller has a PhD in Economics and teaches it on the university level. He has served in the legislature for the last six years where he chaired the House appropriations committee for the last few years. You know the committee that works with the treasurer to set spending budgets. He doesn't have the same experience as Owen. You're right. He isn't an trail lawyer and a career politician. We have enough of those in government.

  5. Deadeye: Owen's opponent was recruited and endorsed by the current Democrat treasurer. He also decided to run after losing the race to become the next Speaker of the House (and allegedly stooping to low shots to win that particular race). Also, John W. is correct - Owen is eminently more qualified for this position.

    Anonymous 7/18-10:44: Owen has hands-on, been-there-done-that experience. He's managed banks through numerous boom-bust cycles, successfully. He doesn't just have academic knowledge - he's gotten his hands in it.

    Barack Obama was a constitutional law professor, and we all know how good he's been...

    Another indication is to look at campaign finance reports, and to see who is supporting who. Now THAT is revealing about Owen's opponent.

  6. Owen managed banks? Funny no record of that...except that he was a shareholder at his parent's I guess we can all say we have managed General Motors since we are all shareholders...Seems like you have some sort of obsession with Miller -- o yea he is the "establishment"....must be bad.

  7. If it look's like a democrat,act's like a democrat,and takes money and indorsement's from democrat's...It's a RINO!


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