Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Conservative View: A Nation of Children

This week's Conservative View, by Adair County Commissioner Russell Turner (R-Stilwell).
The Conservative View
by Russell Turner

A Nation of Children

Life can be full of simple pleasures such as watching young kittens or puppies at play. Their whole life revolves around simply having food and playing with each other. We humans often start much the same was as our pets do, but we humans are capable of much more. Whether or not we choose to evolve and grow up is our choice.

When you watch children play they will exhibit many of the same traits as our animal friends, some are selfish, some desire to be the dominate one on the playground. It is our duty as adults to help mold our children into being caring and responsible people. This is something that does not come about overnight, it take years of training and good examples for our children to become good, productive citizens. Our nation and our way of life relies upon our ability to convey those values to our children. While there are always exceptions to the rule, children lack the discipline to make the best decisions for their future. Children lack the ability to spend money wisely; for the most part they are only concerned about their needs at the present time and not for the future. Their life experience does not allow them to see the bigger picture; before they can see the bigger picture they must have the experience of being responsible for their own wellbeing. Our children rely upon us adults, but eventually they must grow up. I have seen a trend in our country that is alarming to me and it should be to all conservative Americans.

Far too many of our adult citizens look at our government as a substitute for their parents. One of the greatest traits of our forefathers was the ability to be self reliant. Throughout our lives all of us experience problems, but we need to remember that our problems are just that, our problems. It is a sad fact that for the most part we humans are our own worst enemy, most of the time we create our problems ourselves. Our government is “we the people” and we should not look to others to solve our problems. Granted, there are times that anyone requires a hand up, but we should avoid always asking for a hand out. I recently read a timely quote from Elizabeth Scalia, "When nothing matters and you answer for nothing, you’re living the life of a child, and a nation of children cannot survive for very long." Maybe it is time that we Americans start to grow up. 
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