Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Endorsement: Dana Murphy for Corporation Commissioner

Continuing with my endorsements, we now move to the Corporation Commission race. Only two candidates filed for this seat; both are Republicans, so this will be decided in the July 27th GOP primary.

I am endorsing Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy for reelection.

As I said when I endorsed her in 2008, Dana Murphy is extremely qualified, and has the experience to do a great job in this office. No one on the Corporation Commission is as dedicated as Dana Murphy. She has thrown herself into action with an almost fanatical zeal.

She has spoken at over 400 different events across the state, helping to educate the public about the impact that the Corporation Commission has on everyday life. She has also stepped up to the plate as a leader, and donated a portion of her salary back to the State of Oklahoma in order to do her part to help with agency budget cuts.

You won't find a better person for this job than Dana Murphy.

You can learn more about Dana and her campaign by visiting her website at www.DanaMurphy.com. She is also on Twitter (@DanaMurphy2010) and Facebook.

Dana joins Tom Coburn as my endorsed candidates for the July 27th Republican primary. Stay tuned for more endorsements!


  1. Dana has also paid for job-related travel expenses out of her own pocket. She truly cares about the people she serves.

  2. Love ya Dana. You have definately got my vote.


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