Friday, July 30, 2010

Post-Primary Endorsements

With the primaries over, and a handful of runoffs begun, unsuccessful candidates are beginning to issue their endorsements. In some cases, they're also being conspicuously silent.

Governor's Race

Democrat Drew Edmondson endorsed Jari Askins on election night. Governor Brad Henry also endorsed Askins on Thursday.

On the Republican side, Roger Jackson endorsed Mary Fallin on Wednesday, and Robert Hubbard threw his support behind Fallin on Thursday. However, Randy Brogdon has been tight-lipped on his plans. He told Oklahoma Watchdog's Andrew Griffin that he would take a few days off and think about it.

I'm very disappointed that Brogdon has waited this long to say anything, and that he continues to wait. Randy Brogdon knows what it has been like in the state legislature with a Democrat governor, and that we really can't afford another four years like the last eight. Too much is at stake here for Republicans and conservatives to not unify behind Mary Fallin, who, while not as conservative as Randy Brogdon, is way more conservative than liberal Jari Askins. Larry Jackson has a good post on the subject here.

5th Congressional District Race

Rick Flanigan put his support behind James Lankford on Wednesday, and Mike Thompson, who placed third in the seven-way primary, also endorsed Lankford this morning.

Shane Jett, the fourth place finisher, has not indicated who he will support, but his one-year old daughter was taken to the hospital on Wednesday after having a severe seizure. He has a valid reason for his lack of endorsement.


  1. You're entitled to your feelings about Brogdon's delay, but I think you need to put yourself in his shoes for a moment.

  2. I agree with you, Michael. It seems appropriate to me that Brogdon would want to step back and take a deep breath before doing anything else.

    It was a bitter blow for me when Brogdon didn't miraculously win enough votes and I wanted a little time to be sad. We will recover and march forward, though, in this fight for liberty.

  3. Jamison, you need to get a clue. It has become OBVIOUS from your blog that you have a personal vendetta toward Sen. Brogdon. Give him a break! He traveled the state for more than 15 months, continuously, campaigning. I think taking a few days off to just rest, take a break, and pray about future actions is honorable. Stop the bashing... and by all means, grow up!

  4. AMEN Anonymous, DJ and Michael.

    Mary Fallin's success in November is not going to depend on an endorsement from Randy Brogdon.

    I am sure he feels the same way Tom Tancredo felt about endorsing John McCain.

    Mary's resume is impressive, but her conservatism is suspect. I will vote for her, and say positive things when asked, but I will be working for the Republican candidates down ticket and getting out the vote until November.

    I feel Randy will do the same.

    Bobbie McAuliffe

  5. You support for Fallin because of re-districting shows your ignorance. Currently, the commission is comprised of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Attorney General, and the State Treasurer. If State Question 748 passes (thanks to the idiot Republicans for drafting this junk). The democrats get up to 3 automatic votes on redistricting. This is what ticks me off about Republicans...for over 10 yrs the grassroots have fought to give Republicans control over the Attorney General, state Treasure, and the Superintendent and now they have the chance to completely control redistricting they give the democrats a bone to look "Bi-partisan." Thanks to liberal Fallin-like Republicans whith no backbone finally get some power, they work to try to keep democrats power. So sorry, little boy....Your whole redistricting reason just doesn't float.


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