Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Brogdon Blasts Fallin's PAC/Lobbyist Campaign Invite

After Congresswoman and gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin invited Political Action Committee directors and lobbyists to a campaign briefing, her chief Republican opponent, Randy Brogdon, blasted the move. The Brogdon campaign issued the following press release this evening:
Fallin: Calling All Lobbyists
Candidate for Gov. says lobbyists to play "vital role" in Oklahoma's future

(Oklahoma City)-Promising that they "will play a vital role in moving Oklahoma forward next year," Mary Fallin has invited lobbyists, Political Action Committees, special interest groups, and their checkbooks, to an audience before her.

Fallin's lobbyist summit will take place 10:00 AM Wednesday, July 7th at the offices of the Oklahoma Dental Association. The invitation, signed by Fallin's Campaign Manager called lobbyists and PAC's "stakeholders in the process."

Having already collected hundreds of thousands from special interests, the Fallin for Governor Campaign seems to be dropping any pretense. Openly declaring they are the campaign catering to special interests.

No indication was given as to why lobbyists and special interest groups deserve to play so vital a role in Oklahoma's future. Mary Fallin also failed to clarify whether lobbyist's status as "stakeholder" is intrinsic, a right given by God, or if it is conditional, requiring the purchase of a "stake."

The term stakeholder, as traditionally used in the English language in law and notably gambling describes: a third party who temporarily holds money or property while its owner is still being determined.

Does Representative Fallin intend for these invited special interests to hold money or property while state government and its citizens struggle over the right of possession?

Of course, in government the term "stakeholder" refers to: only those who benefit from, or seek influence over, government activities. That certainly describes a lobbyist.

Tomorrow, lobbyists from around the country will descend on Oklahoma City, sit in the presence on the presumptive Governor and find out for themselves – the price of a "stake."

If Mary Fallin is Governor it is pretty clear who will be running the state!

The GOP primary will take place on July 27th, and four candidates will be on the ballot: Randy Brogdon, Mary Fallin, Robert Hubbard, and Roger Jackson.

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  1. Tom Cole = Frank Keating = Neal McCaleb = the highway/trucking/oil/"sovereign tribe" bunch. Mary had my support until she sold her soul to move over for Cole and his "other football player," Largent. You can't do that and ever be taken seriously again, as far as I'm concerned.

    Maybe she figures that after a couple of terms as governor, she can follow Frank to the board of "T.R.U.S.T.," as the altruistic statesmen and highly principled business people of the highway lobby call themselves.

    TOM ELMORE, Republican Chair
    Cleveland County Precinct 22, Moore, Oklahoma


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