Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NewsOK Data Watch: Maximum Donors

NewsOK Data Watch writers Paul Monies and John Estus have done some fabulous work compiling data on maximum donors (individuals or PACs who gave the maximum allowable contribution of $5000 to a candidate) for this primary election.

The most interesting information came in the Governor's race, where several million dollars have been raised by the candidates

On the Democrat side of the gubernatorial race, Jari Askins had 90 maximum donations (79 from individuals, 6 from PACs, and 5 from tribes) while Drew Edmondson had 129 maximum donors (123 from individuals, 3 from PACs and 3 from tribes). That means Askins raised $450,000 just from these elite donors, and Edmondson raised $645,000.

That pales in comparison to the Republican side of the equation

Roger Jackson received two maximum in-kind contributions from individuals, and Randy Brogdon got 11 max donations ($55,000).  

Mary Fallin blew away the field, with 206 maximum donations from individuals, and 17 from PACs. That makes for a total of $1,115,000 just from these donors! To put that in perspective, Fallin has raised a grand total of $2,446,503.47 through the entire campaign, meaning just over 47% of her campaign contributions came from maximum donors.

Read Monies' and Estus' work here.

*All of the figures in this post did not include contributions after July 12th, which are considered "last minute".


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