Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congressional Races go to Runoff

The primary election is over, and there are numerous tidbits to share. However, due to the late hour, and the fact that I have been up since before 4am, I'll just mention the various Congressional races.

Congressional District 1

Congressman John Sullivan easily batted away his primary challengers, and emerged victorious with 62% of the vote. Kenneth Rice came in second with 17%, and Nathan Dahm was third with 14%. All other candidates were under 3%.

Congressional District 2

Charles Thompson came out on top, with a plurality of 33.5%, and Daniel Edmonds was second with 28%. In one of the evening's surprises, Dan Arnett came in third with 16%, and Howard Houchen ended up fourth with 11.5%.

This race will go to a runoff between Thompson and Edmonds.

Congressional District 4

As with the CD1 race, Congressman Tom Cole breezed to victory over his challenger, RJ Harris. Cole received 79% of the vote, and Harris got 21%.

Congressional District 5

Political newcomer James Lankford squeezed by into the lead with 33.6% of the vote, while longtime frontrunner Kevin Calvey came in second with 32.5%. Mike Thompson was third with 18%, and Shane Jett received 10.7%. All other candidates were below 3%.

As with the CD2 race, this will also go to a runoff, between Lankford and Calvey.

The full primary election results can be viewed here.


  1. Cole stinks like last week's diapers. The fourth district will get what they deserve for sending this numbskull back to Washington.

  2. I live in CD2 and I'm really excited that Daniel Edmonds is still in the running! He's definitely the best guy in the race and is the most likely to beat Boren. Go Edmonds!

  3. To Anonymous....Yes, Cole stinks, but his opponent smelled worse. Lesser of two evils.....

  4. To the first anonymous: So, even after the liar RJ Harris goes down in flames, all of his protestations to the contrary, some of his supporters just can't let it go.


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