Saturday, July 24, 2010

OkiePundit: RJ Harris Changed Name To Flee Past

From OkiePundit:
Okie Pundit has just received credible information that indicates RJ Harris, candidate for Congress running against Republican Tom Cole, recently changed his name and moved to Oklahoma in order to conceal a mysterious personal history.   While we are still attempting to locate the actual name-change document, evidence from public sources and people who personally know RJ Harris appears overwhelming. Questions are now arising as to what else voters may not know about Mr. Harris and whether he is fit to serve in Congress.

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I dislike the fact that the OkiePundit folks don't have the courage to use their names and stand by what they say, like most respectable bloggers. That said, the anonymous writers at OkiePundit do appear to have done a good job of researching this information.

Click here for the rest of the story on Okie Pundit.


  1. Not surprised to see the cheap shots and anonymous accusations coming out in the last days of the primary. It didn't work in South Carolina and let's hope it doesn't work in Oklahoma either.

  2. Dave, its pretty simple..lets see what Harris has to say about it. Or whatever his name is..

  3. Okie Pundit is the hit blog of the log-cabin type moderate to liberal Republicans. The ones that shouldn't even be in the party. The know nothing of conservative thought, and less of the proper role of government.

  4. That is the lowest of the low in campaign garbage. Muskogee Politico... you should be ashamed that you even gave it any credence by posting it! This totally discredits anything else you might post.

  5. Is this the same Okie Pundit that published this trash about Mark Costello?

    Still waiting for the video from this faux journalist and the apology to Mr. Costello.


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