Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott, McDugle supporter, terminates McDugle's challenger

Wagoner County Sheriff Terminates Nick Mahoney Amid Pressure To Exit House District 12 Race

Wagoner, OK  – Nick Mahoney, a Republican candidate for House District 12 and a seven-year Wagoner County Deputy Sheriff, was terminated abruptly Monday morning by the Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott. His termination was preceded by statements made by Elliott to fire Mahoney if he did not exit the race for House District 12 along with statements made by Judy Elliott, Wagoner County 911 coordinator and Elliott’s wife that “(Mahoney) running for State House District 12 will have consequences."

“When I shared my intentions to run for State House District 12 to Sheriff Elliott last January, he initially indicated that he wished me the best luck, but that he was supporting Kevin McDugle, my opponent in the State House District 12 race,” said Mahoney.  “I assured him that I would continue to perform my duties as expected and not let the campaign interfere with my job as a deputy sheriff and he in-kind wished me luck in my race.”

Mahoney then explained how quickly the tone from Elliott changed as Mahoney received dozens of personal emails, phone calls, and text messages accusing Elliott of actively campaigning against Mahoney, slandering Mahoney's reputation and demanding citizens remove Mahoney's yard signs from private property.  “It’s pretty discouraging to find out Sheriff Elliott has told people that he’s going to demand I drop out of the race or be fired from the Sheriff’s Department.”

Mahoney then talked about how Elliott started abusing his power as Mahoney’s boss by demoting Mahoney, taking away Mahoney’s police car and instead making him drive the departments’ oldest model, and switching Mahoney’s work schedule from day to night shift. “There is no doubt that Sheriff Elliott was taking punitive actions against me in the workplace,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney then discussed his previous seven years at the Wagoner County Sheriff’s office. “I had nothing but high marks. I did not receive a single write-up for bad behavior and no disciplinary action was ever taken against me,” said Mahoney.  “My firing was political payback for daring to run against Sheriff Elliott’s friend, Kevin McDugle.”

Mahoney has retained legal counsel and is considering all legal options, including a wrongful termination lawsuit.  They are looking into the possible ethics violations for the Sheriff's inappropriate actions to influence an election.  "I am determined now more than ever in my campaign for State House District 12," said Mahoney.  "It just goes to show how far Sheriff Elliott will go to help my opponent retain power."

Mahoney continued, "This is a prime example of government corruption and Oklahomans deserves better. In the end, I believe it only reinforces my campaign to restore integrity and provide new leadership for the people of Wagoner County."

Nick Mahoney is a Republican running for House District 12. To learn more about Nick Mahoney, visit MahoneyforStateHouse.com.

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  1. Is there any followup to this piece? What happened in the investigation? Clearly Kevin McDugle won the race and has a somewhat ‘conservative’ voting record, but what of Mahoney? What of Sheriff Chris Elliott?


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