Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Lamb fundraising leads field at $3.4M raised, $2.4M on-hand

Lamb Campaign Fundraising Leads GOP Field; 
Over $3.45 Million Raised, $2.39 Million Cash-On-Hand

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, April 30, 2018 – Oklahomans for Lamb announced today its fundraising continues to lead the field of candidates seeking the Republican nomination for governor. The Lamb campaign completed the first quarter fundraising period with a total raised of over $3.45 million and more than $2.39 million cash-on-hand, even with its first statewide television buy launched during the quarter. The campaign added over $330,000 in contributions during the first quarter which concluded March 31. In less than five months, the campaign more than doubled the number of individual contributors to over 2,100 with donations received from all 77 counties.

“The fundraising effort of my campaign remains extremely strong and is due to the citizens of Oklahoma continuing to embrace my proven conservative message, and my RENEW Oklahoma plan,” Lamb said. “To have over 2,100 individual contributors at this point is evidence that Oklahomans want their next governor to be an experienced, proven leader who does not require on-the-job training and is ready to move Oklahoma forward from day one. With numerous candidates vying for the Republican nomination, the stretch run of the primary campaign is going to be very expensive, and I am thrilled by the outpouring of financial and personal support from Oklahomans across the state.  Because of them, our campaign can continue to present my RENEW Oklahoma plan to voters in all corners of Oklahoma.”

“Todd Lamb’s strong fundraising continues to allow our campaign to execute our plan at a very high level,” said Keith Beall, Oklahomans for Lamb campaign manager. “No campaign has raised as much, no campaign has as many individual donors, and no campaign has as much cash-on-hand which is a benchmark of strong fiscal management. In addition, no candidate has the statewide reach or grassroots network we do, and no candidate identifies with Oklahomans from all backgrounds as well as Todd Lamb.”

Total Raised:          Cash-On-Hand:

Todd Lamb: $3,454,337.80          Todd Lamb: $2,392,784.26
Kevin Stitt: $3,091,136.66          Kevin Stitt: $1,595,276.76
Mick Cornett: $1,573,083.71          Mick Cornett: $797,787.96
Gary Richardson: $1,208,593.55        Gary Richardson: $392,577.79
Dan Fisher: $230,697.24          Dan Fisher: $46,083.21
Gary Jones: $71,690.48          Gary Jones: $43,630.79


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