Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cornett launches new TV commercial

Cornett Campaign Launches Newest Commercial
“Diversify” draws contrast between inaction of state government and Mick’s record as Mayor

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mick Cornett’s campaign for governor on Tuesday released a new campaign advertisement titled “Diversify” which highlights Mick’s leadership in growing and diversifying the Oklahoma City economy.

“While state government squabbled over partisan issues, we used conservative principles to create a pro-business environment and transform our local economy to one of the most-diversified in the country,” Cornett said. “With leadership and vision we can provide certainty in the budget process and attract new industries to our great state so our economy can grow and Diversify.”

Watch the commercial here:

The language in the commercial reads:

It’s time to stop the talking and start solving our state’s problems.  It’s time to fix the mess of our state government. Conservative leadership works. As a mayor, we diversified our economy, creating nearly 100,000 new jobs and nearly10,000 new businesses. To solve our budget crisis, we need a growing economy. Tired of more talk and more taxes? Conservative leadership.  That’s what Oklahoma needs now.


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