Saturday, August 05, 2023

Pastor Dusty Deevers announces candidacy in Oklahoma Senate District 32 special election

The recent resignation of State Sen. John Michael Montgomery has triggered a special election in State Senate District 32. Six candidates - four Republican, two Democratic - filed for this seat in the Lawton area, which has been held by Republicans since 2018. The winner-take-all primary election will be October 10th, with the general election on December 12th.

One of the four Republicans is a man of stellar character and conservatism, Dusty Deevers.

Deevers is the pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Elgin (formerly called Grace Community Church) and has been active in the abortion abolition movement and in conservative theological circles within the Southern Baptist Convention.

I've never met Dusty in person, but have communicated and interacted with him over the past several years, in addition to observing his involvement in Oklahoma politics and SBC circles. Dusty is an articulate communicator, tenaciously committed to principles that are fundamentally grounded on God's Word. He'll be a fierce advocate for conservatism, and will be a senator who can effectively resist the "Swamp" at the State Capitol.

You can learn more about Dusty Deevers, his background and policy positions, by visiting

If you live in Senate District 32, I encourage you to vote for Dusty Deevers on October 10th!

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  1. Yes, just would like to give kudos to this young man who is willing to step up to save our nation & to protect our families. Even if not in our district may we help support him & other men like this in our state by knocking on doors, passing out literature, making calls, donating to his campaign, etc. & most of all Pray! Please get involved. Thank you Brother Dusty for standing in the gap for us! God bless the labor of all those who care about our nation’s grassroots!


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