Friday, August 11, 2023

Walters calls for "immediate accountability and improvement" in failing Tulsa Public Schools

The statistics out of the Tulsa Public Schools are... atrocious doesn't even suffice. The public education system is absolutely letting these kids down. Whatever they're doing is not working. The upcoming generation of Tulsa-area adults will be reaping the results of a terrible harvest.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters is bringing attention to this issue. Now, he needs to present a concrete plan to address the crisis.

Walters Releases Video Illustrating Timeline of Leadership Failures in TPS 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Superintendent Walters released a video, posted to, that shows a timeline of negligence by Tulsa Public Schools. 

Dr. Gist has claimed that Superintendent Walters is “manufacturing a crisis” regarding his concern about the low-quality education and failing school report cards in the Tulsa district. 

This video shows that the problems facing Tulsa Public Schools have gone on for years without adequate solutions. Since Dr. Gist became Superintendent, TPS has faced even more scrutiny regarding their financial mismanagement, including three straight years of a finding of a lack of internal controls in their audit.

“I will do whatever it takes to make sure that every student in Oklahoma has the opportunity to be successful. Unfortunately, many kids in Tulsa don’t get this opportunity in a district plagued with financial mismanagement and failing schools. The students of Tulsa and the City of Tulsa deserve one of the best school districts in the nation, and I fully believe TPS is capable of becoming that district, but we need immediate accountability and immediate improvement.” – Ryan Walters


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