Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vote against Judge Jane Wiseman

Among the statewide judges up for retention in this year's general election is Judge Jane P. Wiseman.

Wiseman is a liberal judge on the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, and is up for "retention" this year. Wiseman officiated the first same-sex marriage in Oklahoma, calling it a "joyous occasion". Her liberal record stretches much further back, but this is the icing on the cake. I've been given some yard signs to distribute in the Muskogee area, so contact me if you want one. There are also folks in the Tulsa area who will be distributing these signs as well.

Judge Wiseman is up for retention, meaning if she receives a majority of votes cast, she will stay on as judge. If a majority of votes are cast 'against retention' -- something that to my understanding has never happened -- the Governor appoints a new judge.

Get the word out -- vote against retaining Judge Jane P. Wiseman!

2020 Update: the Tulsa Beacon reminds 2020 voters about this issue once again. Read more here.


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