Friday, October 24, 2014

Tulsa Beacon draws attention to Wiseman retention vote

The Tulsa Beacon, a conservative weekly newspaper, highlighted the controversy surrounding Judge Jane Wiseman in their latest edition:

Wiseman officiated first homosexual wedding

Some grassroots groups in Tulsa and Oklahoma are upset by the actions of Judge Jane Wiseman of the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. Wiseman made a special effort to come to Tulsa to officiate the first homosexual marriage (between two lesbians from the Tulsa World). Wiseman is on the Nov. 4 ballot on a retention vote.

Wiseman plus all the other statewide judges up for retention have been endorsed by the liberal Tulsa World.

"A lot of Christians are angry about this judicial activism," said a group spokesman. "We can't get rid of a federal judge, but we can successfully vote to not retain Wiseman in office."

He said the group has several strategies to rally the Christian vote against Wiseman.


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