Monday, July 12, 2010

48-Hour Poll: Your Reaction to Brogdon's Ad

Over the next 48 hours, you will have the chance to voice your reaction to Randy Brogdon's "Mary Fallin Compromise" commercial. On the right-hand sidebar, beneath my picture, is a poll.

I think that I pretty much covered all the options, whether you are a Brogdon or Fallin supporter, or undecided.

If you want to comment on the poll and/or topic, use this post.

For reference, here is what I have posted on the issue:

The poll closes on Wednesday at 3:25pm. Vote and discuss!


  1. It's not taking my vote!

  2. sad in a time when we face a commie president and yellow democratic majority

    Joan in Tulsa

  3. It's not taking my vote either. I voted for the first one; Brogdon supporter: loved it.

  4. Hmm. Not sure why it wouldn't be taking votes. I know that it's not supposed to take more than one vote per user, but... I have no idea other than that. If you cannot vote, just leave it in the comments section.

  5. I couldn't vote either, but my choice is "Brogdon supporter: it's okay."

  6. My vote is Brogdon Supporter, Love it.

    BTW, I know it's not taking my vote because the number of "votes so far" is the same before and after I click submit

  7. Same thing here. I voted for the first one (loved it), but the numbers are the same as they were before I voted.

  8. Well, I guess next time I'll have to try a different program for the poll.

    Again, for everyone wishing to vote, if the poll does not take your vote, leave it here in the comments.

  9. Mary is running a positive, upbeat campaign. Randy is not. He should take the ad down.

  10. Mary's running a campaign where she dodges the issues and tries to cover up her past.

    Pointing out a candidate's voting record is hardly mudslinging.

  11. I voted Brogdon supporter: disliked it.

    It may be factually accurate but the tone was negative and I thought Randy was above that! The McCarville issue gives me more pause and I really dislike that one! Either use quotes correctly or don't use them at all. Sorry, Randy - get your act together quickly or my sign is coming down.

  12. Brogdon supporter. I thought it was spot on! A great ad.

  13. I am a Brogdon supporter & I hope people just "THINK!"
    Now that its voting time mary wants people to forget she sided with the bankers and wall street and picked every one of our
    pockets, sorry but I wont be the one to give her the thumbs up.

  14. If you (just a generic 'you', not anyone who has commented thus far) thought the ad was 'too hard' or 'offensive', you need to get tough.

    Our founding fathers were a lot more 'blunt' then that commercial ever dreamed of being. This is the real world with real people. Mary and her bad votes and anti-conservative, anti-constitutional history needs to be brought up and be made known to the voters so that they can make an informed decision. Her history and votes negatively effected those real people in the real world. If you can find a way of making that in to a positive tv ad for her opponent I would love to hear it.

    For far too long politicians have lived comfortably in the vail of secrecy that has been created because of an uninformed electorate. If an opponent cannot be critical of a career politician in a tv ad because of the fear that they will be called 'mean' or a 'mud slinger' then there is no hope for our country or state.

    It is not like Brogdon called Fallin (note that she didn't change her name after her marriage) an adulterous woman who keeps the company of mediums. Which is verifiable and documented by the Daily Oklahoman. THAT would have been mud slinging. THAT is not an issue, so what she is a degenerate person who has clearly disregarded the most basic teachings of the Christian faith. But that is not an issue that should be brought up, that is HER personal life and she should have to answer to God not the voters for her decisions.

    What Brogdon did was say, hey you guys, did you know she did this while in congress? If that was inappropriate then we are doomed as a nation and a people.

    ***for the record, Fallin's personal life, in my opinion should always be left out of the debate. However I do realize that I just now brought it up. That was to drive a point home, if HER PERSONAL LIFE was the subject of the add then we could have a legitimate debate about mud slinging, and I would agree with the people who didn't like the commercial. However this was ISSUES oriented, and I will defend the commercial to the day I die***

  15. As stated in his press release (below), he will stop airing the ad if she will just agree to an open debate.

    A Message from Randy Brogdon:

    No doubt Rep Fallin would prefer that nobody offer criticism of her performance during her 20 years in politics. That way the elections would be little more than a formality on her way to a coronation. However, if I didn't have criticism of Rep. Fallin's job performance, I wouldn't have bothered to run.

    Our TV ad is accurate, it is fair and it provides the voters information that they deserve to hear before casting their ballot. The premise of the ad is that Rep. Fallin too often compromises core values in the name of political expediency.

    Rep. Fallin has spoken of the need to compromise, and work in a bipartisan way. She has chaired bi-partisan committees, and some of that is good. Our ad points to three instances where those compromises were very bad.

    · Rep. Fallin voted for the trillion dollar Wall Street bailout, I would not have.

    · Rep. Fallin has accepted well over $100,000 from the investment, banking and real estate industries who benefited from her vote for the trillion dollar bailout. I would have neither bailed them out, nor would I accept money from the beneficiaries of such a controversial vote.

    · She has requested tens of millions in earmarks, even after she said she would not.

    The facts don't seem to be in question. The objection of the Fallin campaign seems to be "how dare I." they call the ad misleading and mudslinging. It is neither; it is in fact the truth, the hard truth perhaps.

    Nonetheless, it's a truth Mary Fallin has been avoiding like the plague since this campaign began. It's why she arrives at events late and leaves early, so she doesn't have to answer questions about her bailout vote, or finesse her earmark requests.

    She avoids most candidate forums, and wants questions submitted in advance, and she has never responded to any question I have asked of her. She appears completely unwilling to join me in anything resembling a debate, with tough questions, posed by professional journalists, and respond to one another's questions, a free flowing exchange.

    I would have preferred to bring these issues up to Rep. Fallin herself, and would have, had she joined me in a proper forum. I am genuinely interested to hear her answers. Her actual answer to the question, not this childish finger wagging of a political diva who feels she is above criticism. I want to hear the earnest response of the dignified woman who wants to be the next Governor of our state.

    Rep. Fallin appears to lack the confidence that her beliefs will stand up to critical examination. Or, perhaps she lacks conviction in her beliefs. A lack of conviction would explain why Mary Fallin has so often compromised our Oklahoma values.

    If Rep. Fallin will agree to three debates in these last two weeks, one in Tulsa, one in Enid and one in Oklahoma City, with undisclosed questions and where we can ask one another questions. I will take down the Compromise ad, and I will not broadcast any more critical ads. I will save them for the debates, where Rep. Fallin can respond directly to my criticism.

    So Mary, stop seeing how many words you can use and still say nothing, stop acting like you are owed the Governor's mansion, and stop hiding behind the skirts of Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer and let the people of Oklahoma hear what you believe.

    Randy Brogdon For Governor

  16. Let's get them to debate. No previewed questions.Just shoot from the hip , so to speak. I'd like to hear for myself what they have to say as to why I should vote for one or the other.
    Don't care about Sarah endorsement or Beck. They don't vote in Oklahoma . I want them to tell me why I should give them my vote.

  17. John W - It'll never happen... Mary will not do it.


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