Thursday, July 22, 2010

Endorsement: James Lankford for Congress

Oklahoma Republicans in the 5th Congressional District will have a crowded primary election on July 27th, with seven Republican candidates on the ballot.

If I lived in the 5th District, I would enthusiastically cast my vote for James Lankford.

James is a rock-solid Christian, and a solid conservative who will stand up in the halls of Congress to fight for the Constitution and our traditional values. He's a devoted family man; James and Cindy have been married for 18 years, and have two daughters.

James has spent the last 13 years in Christian ministry at Falls Creek, the largest Christian youth camp in the nation. He knows how to effectively serve people, manage workers, and be frugal with budgets.

I've had the chance to meet James, and he is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. He is a man of the highest integrity, and can be counted on not only to keep his character clean in the swamp known as Washington politics, but to keep his word and fight for what's right.

He understands that the federal government has overstepped its bounds, and fight do his part to bring it back under the constitutional restraints that our Fournder's placed on it.

As James says, we'll never change the status quo in Washington by sending the status quo to Washington. There is a lot of truth in that statement.

Oklahoma needs James Lankford in Congress.

America needs James Lankford in Congress.

I hope you'll join me in supporting James Lankford.

You can learn more about James and his campaign by visiting his website at He is also on Twitter (@JamesLankford) and Facebook.

James joins Tom Coburn, Dana Murphy, Owen Laughlin, John Wright, Gary Jones, Janet Barresi, John Doak, Daniel Edmonds, Robert Hubbard and Scott Pruitt as my endorsed candidates for the July 27th Republican primary.

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  1. James Lankford is the right man at the right time! Wish I could vote for him. He's a breath of fresh air.

    "We can't change the status quo in Washington, by sending the status quo to Washington!"

    Those in the 5th District - vote for James Lankford so Oklahoma can show the rest of the country what real CHANGE is!

    Becky Faught

    (Proud mom of Muskogee Politico)


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