Saturday, October 29, 2022

Faithful Christians should not vote for Liberal Leslie Osborn

No Christian in good conscience should ever vote for "Republican" Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn. Before I explain why, let me cover a few things.

I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican -- in that order. While I am a conservative's conservative, as longtime readers of my blog know well, it is my faith first and foremost that informs and directs my politics. I make no apologies for that.

Usually, the Republican nominee is the best option. The Democratic nominee is never an option, as it is an abomination to lend any support for the party that has made quasi-religious sacraments out of baby murder and the celebration of sexual perversion. 

That said, while I've been a conservative activist since I registered to vote, and served in multiple elected and appointed positions within the Oklahoma Republican Party (from county level to the state executive committee), I have no qualms about casting a protest vote for an Independent or Libertarian candidate.

If a Republican candidate or nominee fails to meet certain character expectations or policy positions, I may not be able to in good conscience lend them my support. In such cases, they must win without my support, while I either undervote (skip) their race or cast a protest vote.

We come to such a case in the race for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner. 

The "Republican" incumbent, Liberal Leslie Osborn, touts endorsements from labor unions like the AFL-CIO, and has undergone a hard left shift in her personal politics in the past several years (this interview bears some of that out). My Just The Facts post demonstrates that her liberal fiscal record.

Additionally, Liberal Leslie has vocally embraced LGBT+ sexual perversion, abortion "rights", has changed her position on the 2nd Amendment, and belittles biblical Christianity. Take a listen to this wide-ranging audio (profanity warning):

Osborn came into office as a conservative and a professing Christian, but her record and rhetoric now demonstrate that she was neither.

"But, Labor Commissioner has nothing to do with those issues," you might say. Doesn't matter. The underlying philosophy that motivates an individual to oppose Biblical principles and commands leads them astray in all other areas. 

Furthermore, politicians tend to climb the political ladder. Osborn was once a state legislator. Joy Hofmeister is leaving one office and running for another. The time to stop immoral and ungodly politicians is not at some future election, but now

No Christian in good conscience should ever vote for Leslie Osborn. I will cast a protest vote here, for the Libertarian candidate Will Daugherty. 

I'll probably catch some flak and lose some readers over this, but principles are more important than politics. I'd rather be faithful to God and His Word than to a political party. 

I'm not alone on this decision. Pastor Paul Blair of Liberty Church Edmond (formerly called Fairview Baptist) is of the same mind. I reached out to him to ask his thoughts, and he wrote the following:

Pastor Paul Blair

"The phrase “wolf in sheep’s clothing” was created to describe someone who pretended to be one with you, but really wasn’t.  In fact, the wolf wants to eat the sheep."

"The whole purpose of having a party platform is to establish the positions that party holds on key issues.  A person becomes “part of” or “party to” the coalition that best reflects their own positions.  It is expected candidates will join the party that reflects their values and the populace will know where any candidate stands based upon their party affiliation.  Sadly, in Oklahoma, political pragmatists have learned to fool the sheep.  Almost every candidate in Oklahoma professes to be a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage Christian.  Why?  That is the identity of a majority of citizens in Oklahoma districts.  Playing the game of politics, many Democrats-at-heart register and run as Republicans to fool the conservative voters in order to gain office.  They are deceivers."

"By her positions on critical issues, Leslie Osborne has clearly identified with the extreme far left of the Democratic party.  As a God-fearing Christian and conservative patriot, I cannot and will not vote for the wolf.  I certainly cannot vote for a Democrat, so I will cast my vote for the Libertarian."

If Osborn is to win re-election (it's unimaginable for her to lose this race), she must do so without my vote, and I hope without the vote of faithful Christians across the state.


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