Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Stitt blasts Hofmeister for failing Oklahomans in education


October 24, 2022 (Oklahoma City, Okla.) – Governor Kevin Stitt blasted Democrat Superintendent Joy Hofmesiter today after the Nation's Report Card showed Oklahoma's test scores have had one of the steepest drops in the nation:

"This is a direct result of my Democrat opponent's failure to improve education in Oklahoma during her eight years as Superintendent,” said Gov. Kevin Stitt. “Instead of putting students first, Hofmeister has sided with liberal unions to keep classroom-learning closed, pushed radical liberal agendas in classrooms, and called the first-ever State audit of her agency an 'attack.' Funding has gone up, but test scores have gone down every year she's been in charge. Parents, students, and teachers already have had to suffer the consequences of Joy Hofmesiter's failed leadership overseeing our public schools. Instead of seeking a promotion, Hofmeister owes Oklahomans an apology."

Oklahoma drops were more dramatic than the rest of the nation:

  • 4th grade reading: National drop 3 points, Oklahoma drop 8 points
  • 8th grade reading: National drop 3 points, Oklahoma drop 7 points
  • 4th grade math: National drop 5 points, Oklahoma drop 8 points
  • 8th grade math: National drop 8 points, Oklahoma drop 12 points


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