Thursday, October 13, 2022

Dark money PACs have spent $12.5M+ against Stitt so far - with more to come

Oklahoma has seen a huge amount of dark (and gray-ish) money hit the mailboxes and airwaves this election cycle, but no race has had more spent - and more one-sided - than the race for Oklahoma Governor.

In some excellent reporting from The Frontier's Reese Gorman, we now know that dark money groups have spent in excess of $12.5 MILLION against Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) and for Joy Hofmeister (D).

Some excerpts from Gorman's article:

A lack of transparency surrounding spending from outside groups makes it difficult for voters to discern who is behind the political ads.

Imagine This Oklahoma, one of the most recent Super PACs to back Hofmeister with independent ads, was formed on July 29. But voters won’t know who the group’s financial backers are until a week before the Nov. 8 election. The group isn’t required to file any financial disclosures with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission until the next deadline on Oct. 31.

Imagine This Oklahoma has spent at least $2.4M so far.

Other groups include The Oklahoma Project ($2.6 million), Sooner State Leadership Fund ($5.1 million), Hometown Freedom Action Network ($276,463), Battle Ready PAC ($141,000), and Conservative Voice of America ($2 million). These groups are all led by either Democrats, or RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

As Gorman pointed out, "Many of the independent groups are organized as or are funded by 501(c)4 non-profits that do not have to publicly reveal their donors, dodging financial disclosure rules. [...] Federal law allows 501c4s to support or oppose candidates for office as long as it isn’t their primary activity.

These fake groups are abusing tax and election law to spend money on campaigns. Guarantee that most of them don't have any other activity that isn't related to supporting or opposing candidates for office (or enriching the consultants involved).

Go to The Frontier and read the rest of the article: Outside groups are outspending candidates in the Oklahoma governor’s race.

Get ready -- with just three and a half weeks left, expect millions more in Democrat/RINO dark money against Stitt.


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