Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Stitt ad: special interests bought Hofmeister because they can't control Stitt

After taking hits from pro-Hofmeister dark money groups for over a year, Governor Stitt's reelection campaign is going on the offensive:

“Special interest bought Joy Hofmeister who fought to keep schools closed while test scores plummeted.”

October 26, 2022 (Oklahoma City, Okla.) – The Stitt for Governor 2022 campaign launched today a new statewide television ad highlighting how Democrat State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister is bought by special interests who have spent at least $25 million to date in the election cycle to cover up her record of closing classrooms, leading the nation in public schools with plummeting test scores, and advocating for a laundry list of tax hikes.

In the TV ad, the moderator states: “[Special interests] can’t control Kevin Stitt so they attack him… and they bought Joy Hofmeister who fought to keep schools closed while test scores plummeted.”

Democrat State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister supported closing down in-person learning for as long as 355 days in Oklahoma, not intervening for the parents calling for the classrooms to reopen or for the local students who have suffered from learning loss as a result.

Under Hofmeister’s leadership and more than $1 billion in increased spending during her administration, the Nation’s Report Card published on Oct. 24 that Oklahoma’s test scores had one of the steepest drops in the nation in 4th and 8th grade for both math and reading.

“Joy Hofmeister, champion of tax hikes, who joined Joe Biden’s team…” the narrator closes.

Throughout Hofmeister’s political career, she has been on the record endorsing a litany of tax hikes on Oklahomans.


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