Saturday, October 08, 2022

Trump endorses Sen. Lankford for reelection

Former President Donald Trump did not endorse a candidate in the full-term U.S. Senate primary this year, supporting neither incumbent Sen. James Lankford nor upstart challenger Jackson Lahmeyer (whose entire campaign was built around pandering for the Trump endorsement). Lankford primary (only?) sin against Trump was his vote -- with Constitution-focused colleagues like Mike Lee (R-UT) -- to recognized the duly-submitted Electoral College votes confirming the election of Joe Biden.

With one month remaining before the November election, Trump has now endorsed Lankford, who will have no problem cruising to reelection over his challengers (Democrat Madison Horn, Libertarian Kenneth Blevins, and Independent Michael Delaney).

Notably, Trump says "Sometimes we didn't exactly agree on everything, but we do now," concluding his statement with "It is my great honor to give James Lankford my Complete and Total Endorsement!"


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