Thursday, August 11, 2022

Anti-Trump, pro-Clinton/Biden labor union backs Frix

UPDATE: More left-wing, anti-Trump donors funding Frix for Congress

On Wednesday, 2nd District GOP runoff candidate Avery Frix accepted a $5,000 maximum contribution from the UA Union Plumbers & Pipefitters Vote! Political Action Committee, an anti-Trump, pro-Obama, pro-Clinton, pro-Biden labor union with deep pockets for liberal candidates.

This PAC is a huge supporter of left-wing candidates, with 91%+ of their tens of millions of dollars in donations going to Democrats, and the remainder generally going to the most moderate Republicans in office.

In 2008 and 2012, they put over $1,553,000 into supporting Barack Obama via independent expenditures and direct committee donations.

In 2016, the PAC put over $2,677,000 into supporting Hillary Clinton for President via independent expenditures and committee donations.

In 2020, they endorsed Biden, spent at least $200,000 against Donald Trump, and at least $1,200,000 supporting Joe Biden.

Furthermore, in 2020 alone they funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to left-wing dark money super PACs that attacked Trump and other Republicans and promoted some of the most liberal Democrats in the county:

  • $705,000 to, a liberal super PAC that spent $966k against Trump, $3.6M for Pete Buttigieg in the Democratic presidential primary, and $93k for Biden. This PAC spent a total of $26.5M in 2020, all on the left-wing side.
  • $158,793 to Hard Hats for America, another super PAC that spent $886k against Trump and poured another $950k into successfully flipping the two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia.

And now, they see Avery Frix as a Republican candidate they can support with a maximum contribution. 

It's obvious. The voting records of Avery Frix and Josh Brecheen are so dramatically different. Brecheen has always been diametrically opposed to the left wing agenda. Frix, a one-time registered Democrat, supported over $2.7 billion in tax hikes and voted to make it easier to raise taxes.

Since 2008, the UA Union Plumbers & Pipefitters Vote! PAC has spent at least $19,447,009 (91.49%) in favor of Democratic candidates, and $1,807,850 (8.51%) in support of mostly moderate/liberal Republicans. In 2020 alone, they spent $5.47 million for Democrats and/or against Republicans.

Which of the two do you think would line up better with a left wing PAC: Brecheen, the proven conservative, or Frix, the proven tax-raiser?

Conservative Republicans must thwart the Left and unite behind Josh Brecheen for Congress.


  1. Basically you are saying what Frix is running under a false narrative under the Republican guise of being voted in to protect his democrats .

  2. Frix is a Fount Holland client. Birds of a feather flock together. Need not say more.


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