Thursday, August 18, 2022

The disrupter we need in OKC: SD2 candidate Jarrin Jackson

One of the most competitive runoff elections coming up is in State Senate District 2, which covers the Claremore/Collinsville/Catoosa area, where Jarrin Jackson is facing off in this open seat against Ally Seifried. Seifried is the establishment pick, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in dark money flowing in on her behalf. Jackson, a West Point grad and retired Army Ranger, is an unabashed - and vocal - conservative.

I caught up with Jarrin Jackson earlier this week to talk about his candidacy.

Jamison Faught: You have a unique background among candidates for office this year. Decorated combat veteran, small business owner, vocal about your Christian faith, family man. Lots of experience in many different areas. What about your background will you bring to office that will make a difference in governing?
Jarrin Jackson: The most important part about me is my faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. That forms the basis of my thinking and is the reason why I’m bold in the fight against our corrupt system and our godless culture. 

JF: Let's talk about issues. What do you consider to be the top three or four issues facing Oklahoma, and what do you plan to do about them?

JJ: As part of my America First approach, Americans are best served by securing our border and deporting illegals, gaining energy independence and localizing our supply chains, and eliminating the grooming of children by clarifying parental rights in their children’s lives. 

JF: There's a dark side to politics that most people have a vague awareness of, but don't have a clear understanding of the extent. Oklahoma government is no different. Lobbyists and political consultants (especially) control a lot about who gets into office and what happens legislatively. Your race has become something of ground zero on fighting back against some of the biggest, swampiest political bosses in the state since the infamous Gene Stipe. How important is it that voters understand this complicated web, and how important is it for an elected official to shine light on it?

JJ: The Oklahoma swamp doesn’t want America First policies because corrupt politicians and lobbyists need open borders and fraudulent tax schemes to stay in business. Oklahoma patriots need to stay focused on defending the Constitution and speaking truthfully. We The People are now aware of their swamp tactics and I look forward to them losing. 

JF: You've been very vocal over the years about your views, running a regular livestream, speaking up on news and events, issues of the day. We've seen, recently, left-wing media taking a few comments of yours and trying to make out that you're a bad dude. What's your response to that?

JJ: As Jesus Christ taught, the world hates Him because He testifies of its evil deeds (John 7:7). I look forward to advancing a Biblical gospel on any platform God decides to give me. Amen. 

JF: Before we close, what do you want to be on voters' minds about you before they go out and vote?

JJ: Jarrin Jackson is the experienced fighter who will advance the America First agenda, support President Trump against the swamp, go on offense against corruption, and fight to stop the perversion of our children. 

JF: When's your runoff election, where can people go to learn more about you, and what can folks do to help you out?

JJ: The runoff is August 23. My website is and my cell is 918.845.9555.

I encourage SD2 voters to get out and vote for Jarrin Jackson in the runoff election. We need a disrupter like Jarrin to go to Oklahoma City, flip tables over, and shine light on the cockroaches that have infested Oklahoma politics. He'll do it without fear, and he'll go beyond generic platitudes to boldly carry the banner of liberty into the fight. 

Jarrin is conservative to the core on the issues that face Oklahoma, and he'll dig into the nitty gritty of exposing corruption, rooting out waste, and finding solutions for better, smaller government.

You can view a map of Senate District 2 here (PDF)here (interactive map), or below:

(click to view larger)

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  1. Mary McCauley here. I know Jarrin Jackson. He is every thing you send about. He is a great family man and a devout Christian. He will get the job done.


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