Friday, August 19, 2022

Endorsements and Recommendations for the GOP Runoff

Tuesday is the Oklahoma Runoff Election, and voters all across the state will be heading to the polls to decide nominees in many different races. Below are a few of my voting picks. I know I'm just a lowly blogger, but hopefully the information in this post will be helpful with your voting plans.

If you don't know where to vote, or want to see your sample ballot, use this helpful link from the Oklahoma State Election Board to find out. Early voting continues today (8am to 6pm) and tomorrow (8am to 2pm) at your county election board.

Federal races:

U.S. Senate (special election): T.W. Shannon - absolutely not Markwayne Mullin. As I've pointed out numerous times, Mullin is not worth voting for as dog-catcher, much less the U.S. Senate. He's a liar, and the man's word means nothing to him. 

I don't like Shannon's agreement with the disastrous McGirt decision, but Mullin is no better on that issue. Mullin is a finger-in-the-wind conservative, while I think Shannon demonstrated from his time in the State House that he has some actual conservative principles that motivate him.

2nd Congressional District: Josh Brecheen, hands down - and absolutely not Avery Frix. I personally know Josh and trust his character, judgment, and motivation. Brecheen has an excellent voting record. He fought against bad legislation in the Legislature and demonstrated a willingness to oppose leadership where needed, a valuable quality in Washington.

Josh Brecheen is a hard-working, blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth guy. He loves God, and loves people. He's one of the most honest and respectful individuals you'll ever meet.

I had a conversation with him a year or so ago where he told me one of his greatest regrets from his time in the State Senate was that he felt he could have done more to lovingly deal with his political opponents and share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with them. That's the kind of man Josh Brecheen is. He's better than what we deserve in a Congressman, and he's what we absolutely need. 

Josh Brecheen has more honesty, integrity, and character than anyone else I know in elected office or running for office. I wholeheartedly endorse Josh Brecheen for Congress. 

Statewide races:

Labor CommissionerSean Roberts. Roberts has been a conservative champion in the State House, and is galaxies more conservative than the "Republican" incumbent, Liberal Leslie Osborn, who touts endorsements from labor unions like the AFL-CIO. My Just The Facts post demonstrates that there is no contest between the two candidates when it comes to a conservative fiscal record.

State Treasurer: Todd Russ. Of the options running, Russ seems to be the best choice for conservatives.

State Superintendent: Ryan Walters. I do find Walters to be less than professional and too focused on political fads (something of a "clickbait" candidate, which is unfortunately a popular thing to be these days), and I'm hesitant about his enthusiasm for "school choice" (which I think merits caution from the homeschooling community). 

However, I'm convinced that he truly cares about kids, parental rights, conservative values, and fighting against the Cultural Marxist/CRT rot infecting the education system. April Grace is the liberal in the race, and is supported by the Hofmeister-style leftist education establishment.

Corporation Commissioner: Todd Thomsen. Of the two candidates, Thomsen seems to be the least worst choice for conservatives. Kim David is directly responsible for killing the abortion abolition bill SB13. My Just The Facts post shows a comparison of the two on tax policy; both did horribly, but I give the edge to Thomsen.

Other races:

State Senate District 2: Jarrin Jackson. He would be a great, conservative addition to the State Senate. He is the disrupter that we need in OKC. Conservative to the core on the issues that face Oklahoma.

State Senate District 26: Brady Butler. Have heard good things, indicating that he would be a great conservative voice in the State Senate. Solid conservative and an abortion abolitionist.

State House District 13: Carlisa Rogers. She has some solid conservative endorsements and is spoken well of by people I know and trust, though at the same time she's also hired the worst of the corrupt swamp political consultants in the state. Her opponent, by all accounts, has some serious moral and financial baggage. Cautious, but hopeful support.

State House District 21: Cody Maynard

State House District 66: Clay Staires

Oklahoma County District AttorneyKevin Calvey. Calvey was one of the most conservative members of the legislature, with a stellar record, especially on taxes. He will make a fantastic leader in the most important district attorney office in the state.

Osage County Commissioner District 1: Everett Piper.

Tulsa County Commissioner District 3: Bob Jack, on the recommendation of Tulsa sources like Michael Bates.

Other resources:

Don't forget to vote, and vote right!


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