Thursday, August 18, 2022

School Freedom Fund slams Frix for supporting shocking CRT legislation

State Rep. Avery Frix, candidate in the 2nd Congressional District GOP runoff, voted for a shocking piece of legislation that is chock-full of Critical Race Theory. 

School Freedom Fund, a PAC operated by Club for Growth and supporting Josh Brecheen in the runoff, is running a new ad slamming Frix for voting with the Democrats in favor of the bill.

House Bill 3088 passed the State House in 2020 but did not receive a hearing in the State Senate. It would have required healthcare professionals who work in maternity and perinatal care to undergo "implicit bias training" that includes some of the following:
  • information on the effects of historical and contemporary exclusion and oppression of minority communities
  • a discussion on power dynamics and organizational decision-making and their effects on implicit bias
  • corrective measures to decrease implicit bias at the interpersonal and institutional levels
The bill is simply saturated with Critical Race Theory. You can read the full bill at this link (PDF).

Watch the ad, then read my Twitter thread below:

Frix was one of 39 Republicans to vote for the measure, along with every House Democrat. The 33 Republicans were primarily from the conservative wing, with several of them debating against the measure and highlighting the CRT basis of the bill.

Despite the clear debate against the measure, Frix went ahead and voted for it. He can't say he wasn't made aware of it.


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