Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Red River TV examines claims made by Avery Frix, dismantles the facade with truth

In a just-released special episode of Point Blank on Red River TV, host Janelle Batts took a look at several claims made by 2nd Congressional District candidate Avery Frix. His carefully crafted campaign fa├žade crumbles under the examination as the truth gets unearthed.

Batts notes that:

  • Frix was registered as a Democrat from 2012 through September 2015, switching to the GOP just in time to run for State House District 13 as a Republican in the 2016 election. This included voting in several Democratic primary and runoff elections.
  • Counter to his claims to have supported Donald Trump from the get-go, Frix did not even vote in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary.
  • Frix "utilized his political position to acquire control of the Muskogee Tourism Authority" - a lucrative contract - which apparently included alleging to the State Auditor's office that the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce had been mishandling city tourism funds, then flipping around and telling the Muskogee Phoenix that he had done no such thing... which an Open Records request with the Auditor's office showed to be false.
  • Frix is using the same political consultant who was involved in the Epic Charter Schools scandal, and the same dark money groups that tried to take out State Auditor Cindy Byrd are supporting Frix and attacking Josh Brecheen, the conservative candidate in the CD2 runoff.
The video, which features excerpts from an interview with longtime Muskogee tourism advocate and community volunteer Max Boydston, is just over five minutes long, and well worth your time.

You can watch below from YouTube (or here on Facebook):


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