Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Sean Roberts responds to "politics of personal destruction", Fount Holland smears

Roberts Campaign Comments on Dirty Attacks by Liberal Leslie and Corrupt Campaign Consultant Fount Holland

(August 8th) Today, the Roberts for Labor team was notified about a press release asking for Roberts to resign his candidacy for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner. The press release was a political hit job pushed by Liberal Leslie, corrupt consultant Fount Holland, and Rep. Carol Bush, a Fount Holland client who endorsed Democrat Kendra Horn for US Congress.

This political hit, masquerading as a press release, was designed to go after Roberts for allegations relating to his first marriage 22 years ago. Roberts' ex-wife has released the attached statement detailing these erroneous lies and endorsing him for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner. Our campaign now calls on Representatives Bush, Townley, Roe, and Hasenbeck, as well as Senator Garvin, to stop harassing Roberts' ex-wife and immediately issue apologies.

Corrupt political consultant Fount Holland is best known to most Oklahomans for facing felony charges with then State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister and three others in 2016 for illegal contributions to Hofmeister's campaign.

These attacks are the latest examples of the politics of personal destruction popularized by Bill & Hillary Clinton, and used most recently by liberals against conservatives like Donald Trump, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Clarence Thomas. These attacks show that Osborn and Fount Holland have no other way of winning this election; they know how far behind they are in the polls, so this is a desperate act of their dirty campaign.

Oklahomans should not be surprised as this type of attack is the norm for Fount Holland. In 2018, Osborn told grieving widow and candidate for Labor Commissioner Cathy Costello that her team, including consultant Holland, would never go negative, except that it was a lie. Not only did Osborn and Holland go negative on Cathy Costello, they started the personal attacks on the anniversary of the death of Mark Costello, the previous Labor Commissioner and Cathy's late husband.

The harassment of women and personal attacks by Fount Holland and his clients must come to an end.

Attached [directly below]: Letter from ex-wife Jennifer Roberts
Attached [at bottom]: Letter from wife Amber Roberts

Roberts' release as it appeared on Twitter:


Mugshot of political consultant Fount Holland, mudslinger and smear agent extraordinaire.


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