Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Josh Brecheen beats Avery Frix in CD2 runoff

Former State Senator Josh Brecheen emerged victorious in the GOP runoff election for Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District. Brecheen defeated Muskogee-area State Representative Avery Frix by a vote of 52.25% to 47.75% (with one precinct left to report at publication time).

Brecheen was the last of fourteen Republicans to file for the office, filing at almost the last minute before the candidacy deadline, and was outfunded by half the primary field, making this victory all the more remarkable.

An arch-conservative, Brecheen was endorsed by such figures as the House Freedom Caucus, which he has pledged to join, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the late Dr. Tom Coburn's widow, as well as multiple of the other candidates who did not advance from the primary. 

Look for great things from Josh Brecheen in the future. My heartiest congratulations to him on this stunning victory!


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