Wednesday, August 17, 2022

McGuigan: Josh Brecheen – Right from the Git-Go

Patrick McGuigan, respected conservative journalist and inductee of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame, is out with an editorial endorsing Josh Brecheen for Congress in the 2nd District runoff election. 

As a general rule, there is something to commend about both candidates in any given runoff election in Oklahoma. But not always.

After Markwayne Mullin announced he would leave the second congressional district seat to seek the unexpired (four-year) U.S. Senate seat Jim Inhofe is vacating, a massive field of 13 candidates jumped in to seek the Republican nomination. Many of them brought strengths to the competition, some brought weaknesses.

Two men were left standing after the June 28 primary.

One is Avery Frix. He claims to be a long-time true blue conservative – and a Donald Trump acolyte, to boot. Only trouble is, Gee Whiz – he was a Democrat who switched to the Republican Party just in time to run for the state House District seat he has held since 2016.

And, unless state voter records are wrong, it turns out that there is no record of him voting at all in the Republican presidential primary of spring 2016.

His legislative voting record is mostly derivative, based on his ability to take credit for the hard work of others.

In contrast, there’s former State Senator Josh Brecheen. He is what he says he is – a conservative multi-issue businessman and Republican who spent his time in the Legislature advancing pro-life causes, pro-parent policies in education, and common sense fiscal conservatism.

And, he’s a fan of the former president who is so popular in southeast Oklahoma.

There is no requirement that everyone agree on everything to be a Republican. But some linkage between campaign rhetoric and actual job performance is a good thing for the Grand Old Party.

Josh Brecheen – Right from the Git-Go. He has The Oklahoma City Sentinel’s endorsement.

McGuigan is the Editorial Director of The Oklahoma City Sentinel, and the founder/editor of, and a lifelong conservative.

I agree with his assessment, 100%. 2nd District Republican voters, get out and cast your ballot for Josh Brecheen in Tuesday's runoff election.


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