Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Senate candidate Alex Gray signs term limits support pledge

For ten years, Oklahoma had two Senators who took diametrically opposed views on term limits. On one side was Sen. Jim Inhofe, who vehemently opposed term limits (he's been in Washington since 1987, after all). On the other side was Dr. Tom Coburn, who was perhaps the most famous and principled of the term limits advocates on Capitol Hill.

Coburn went above and beyond merely pledging support for term limits, and held himself to a self-imposed limit of three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate (ultimately resigning partway through his second Senate term).

With Inhofe moving off the scene and sparking a special election, one of the candidates vying to replace him is taking more of the Coburn side of things. Alex Gray signed the U.S. Term Limits candidate pledge.

For what it's worth, fellow Senate candidate and sitting congressman Markwayne Mullin signed the same pledge in 2012, then proceeded to trash it when political power and prestige became too irresistable (plus, his "life experience changed", which makes it a-okay to break your word).

Gray's press release:


Oklahoma City, OK – Alex Gray, Republican senatorial candidate for November’s special election, recently pledged to support congressional term limits if elected. 

Gray believes a Constitutional amendment should be passed to enforce term limits for Members of Congress.

Having served at former President Donald Trump’s National Security Council as Chief of Staff, Gray is deeply familiar with America’s national security interests, and had a proven track record in promoting them effectively. This is demonstrated by his robust list of endorsements from those he worked with in the Trump Administration. 

Gray is among the growing number of Americans who have voiced concerns about career politicians who serve decades as elected officials while failing to address constituent concerns. The number of American voters feeling disenfranchised by career politicians who fail to represent them has grown over the last decade.

A Gallup poll in 2013 revealed that 75% of respondents favored term limits, and that number grew to 82% in a RMG Research poll conducted in 2021. 

Gray shared the following about signing the term limits pledge, “Representing the American people should be just as competitive as the business world and the field of sports. If you fail to perform, there should be no paycheck or promotion. If you fail to hustle for the team, you are benched.

We have seen politicians in Congress fail to act on the promises they campaigned on, and then fail to perform for one reason or another. The days of stringing along the American people by kicking the can down the road to the next term for a campaign platform, while barely moving the needle on issues that We The People voted on can come to an end by imposing Constitutionally-required term limits,” Gray continued. 

Gray joins a list of elected officials who have also pledged support of the constitutional amendment to enforce term limits, which include: Andy Biggs (AZ), Mo Brooks (AL), Lauren Boebert (CO), Matt Gaetz (FL), Rick Scott (FL), Marjorie Greene (GA), Rand Paul (KY), Josh Hawley (MO), Lee Zeldin (NY), Scott Perry (PA), Ronny Jackson (TX), Bob Good (VA), and more. 


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