Monday, April 04, 2022

Costello weighs in on OCPAC's agitation against State Auditor Cindy Byrd

From the folks over at IgniteLiberty, here is another post in the saga of OCPAC President Bob Linn's obsession with attacking State Auditor Cindy Byrd:

Letters to the Editor: Cathy Costello Letter to OCPAC Following Romero Attack 

Rumors have been swirling recently that Bob Linn and OCPAC's crusade against Cindy Byrd was going to culminate in the organization endorsing Mike Romero to run against Cindy in the upcoming statewide primaries. Many conservatives believe that this is one of, if not the main, reason why OCPAC invited Romero to give a presentation about the OSDH scandal a few years back which involved the "missing" $30M (it was never actually missing).  

Curiously enough, and in a manner that would be fitting with an attempt to attack a future political opponent, Romero's presentation made a point of attempting to tie Cindy Byrd to the audit of the OSDH scandal, even though Gary Jones was the State Auditor and Inspector at the time that was responsible for the audit. 

Following Romero's presentation, Andrew Speno and Cathy Costello went to talk to him about the inclusion of Byrd in the presentation. What follows is a letter from Mrs. Costello sent to Bob Linn, president of OCPAC, that details that account:

Bob, I wanted to give a little time and space from the incident last week before responding. When you invited me to sing for OCPAC, I was unaware who Mike Romero was. You told me he would be talking about corruption at the health dept. I did remember hearing something about 30 million missing from the health dept., but that it was eventually found.

It is always good to hear all sides of a story, even if it's 4-5 years old. I saw several people in line speaking to Mr. Romero after his presentation. I decided to go over and simply introduce myself. I shook his hand and told him I was the widow of Labor Commissioner Mark Costello.

While I was standing there, I heard Andrew Speno ask Mr. Romero, in a CALM tone, why he kept showing Cindy Byrd's picture next to Gary Jones, frequently referring to "they," and mentioning her name. He asked what Cindy Byrd had to do with this situation at the health dept. Mr. Romera became agitated and denied he had done this during the presentation. But...he had in fact said, "Gary Jones and Cindy Byrd would not talk to me" and he did in fact show Cindy Byrd's photo multiple times, saying "they" and giving the impression that she was involved. He then began blaming Cindy and holding her responsible.

Mr. Romero's response to Andrew Speno's question was so adolescent. Raising his voice, he yelled, "I'm the son of immigrants!! Those people on the screen made fun of my last name because it ends in an O!!!" I immediately thought to myself, this man is so thinned skinned and immature, he has no business in government. I also thought, my name ends in an O and so does Andrew's.   

Click here to read the rest of Costello's letter.


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