Sunday, April 17, 2022

"The Numbers Don't Lie": State Auditor to present audit facts at OK2A meeting

State Auditor Cindy Byrd has been the subject of a whisper campaign by OCPAC President Bob Linn, alleging misconduct in several audits in recent years by the State Auditor's office (namely, Epic Charter Schools and the Oklahoma State Department of Health). Cathy Costello recently weighed in on OCPAC's agitation against State Auditor Byrd, taking a sabbatical from her frequent invites to sing at OCPAC meetings over an encounter with a guest speaker who was brought in to attack Byrd.

Linn has seemingly refused to have Byrd come to OCPAC to present her defense to his attacks, but the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association is evidently willing to hear her side.

Byrd will be speaking at the OK2A meeting this Tuesday evening in Oklahoma City. Details below:

 UPDATE: here is a video recording of the meeting (should start at the pertinent section at 23:23).


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