Monday, April 11, 2022

Sec. of Education Ryan Walters urges Stillwater School Board to end current (insane) bathroom policy

Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters issued the following statement in relation to the stewing conflict over in Stillwater (and elsewhere) over the immoral insanity of allowing bathroom access based on "gender identity" rather than biology. The letters from Walters, and one from Attorney General John O'Connor rebuking State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister's interpretation, will be posted below the press release.


Secretary Ryan Walters sent two letters ahead of the Stillwater School Board's Tuesday meeting. One letter was sent to the Stillwater School Board and urged the board to take action and end its current bathroom policy that allows students to choose the bathroom that aligns with their self-proclaimed gender identity and not biology. A second letter was sent to Attorney General John O'Connor, asking the Attorney General's office to get involved and stop the board's current bathroom policy. Attorney General O'Connor did send a letter to Superintendent Washington outlining that there is no legal precedent that permits biological males into women's restrooms based on their gender identity and vice versa. A copy of all three letters can be found below.

Secretary Walters issued the following statement:

"I urge the Stillwater School Board to make the right decision and end their current bathroom policy that puts "wokeness" before the safety of our students. If they do not, I plan to work tirelessly with Attorney General O'Connor and Governor Stitt to put an end to this dangerous policy. A misinterpretation of Title IX and a liberal east coast court decision does not dictate the law in Oklahoma or excuse the fear young girls are facing in Stillwater school bathrooms. I will do everything that I can to protect our students." 

About Ryan: 

Ryan Walters was named Oklahoma Secretary of Education in September 2020 by Governor Stitt, and he is currently running to be Oklahoma's State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Ryan taught eight years as a high school history teacher in his hometown at McAlester High School, and he serves as Executive Director of Every Kid Counts Oklahoma (EKCO). Ryan is passionate about the students of Oklahoma and advocating for their immediate and long-term successes. To learn more about Ryan, please visit

Walters' letter to the Stillwater School Board

Walters' letter to Attorney General John O'Connor

AG O'Connor to the Stillwater Public Schools superintendent


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