Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Former State Rep. David Derby announces 2nd Congressional District campaign

This 2022 GOP primary in the 2nd Congressional District is going to be w-i-l-d. We have yet another Republican jumping in; this time, it's former State Rep. David Derby, who represented the Owasso-area House District 74 for 10 years (2006 to 2016).

He joins ten other Republican candidates: State Sen. Marty Quinn, State Rep. Dustin Roberts, former State Rep. and current OKGOP chairman John Bennett, State Rep. Avery Frix and Police Chief Johnny Teehee and pharmacist Chris Schiller (all three from Muskogee), Quapaw Nation Secretary-Treasurer Guy Barker, and military vets Erick Wyatt and Clint Johnson, and activist Rhonda Hopkins.

Derby's press release is below:

Veteran Conservative Legislator and Pharmacist from Rogers County, David Derby Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congress, OK-2

Claremore, OK, April 5th – Today, Pharmacist and Award-Winning Conservative State Representative David Derby of Rogers County announced his candidacy for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District in the open Republican primary created by Congressman Mullin’s declared candidacy for U.S. Senate. Derby, 45, is a family man and an accomplished conservative legislator.

During his 10 years in the legislature before retiring in 2016, Derby delivered on his campaign promises, passing oil & gas tax cuts, large state spending cuts, prescription cost reductions, and drug reform, among others. Derby then returned to the private sector because he believes elected office should not be a career. Derby’s anger with Congress is what initially prompted him to step back into the political arena.

“Congress is out of control. Inflation is at a 40-year high because of reckless spending by career politicians who wouldn’t know the first thing about hard, honest work. Oklahomans are being squeezed by the record-high costs of gas, groceries, and medicine, and yet the only solutions out of Congress are to spend trillions more and negotiate foreign oil imports, rather than re-opening American drilling. It’s like watching the prisoners run the jail. I’m running for Congress to put an end to this madness,” Derby said.

From launching a career in law enforcement as a forensic chemist in the early 2000’s to serving as a State Representative and simultaneously earning his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma, Derby gained a diverse background needed to tackle America’s toughest issues facing our nation such as inflation, mandates, open borders, and runaway medicine costs.

“I took my experience in law enforcement to the State House, where I authored legislation that eliminated 98% of Oklahoma’s meth labs, only to watch those same drugs pour back into Oklahoma from across the southern border. We need to finish building the wall and put an end to Biden’s open border policies. I also know how to cut costs. I authored legislation that cut half a billion in state spending, brought down prescription costs, and cut energy regulations, which in turn, helped lower costs at the pump. We need a conservative fighter with a proven record to stop what we’re seeing in D.C. before it's too late.”

Derby has received the support of oil and gas workers, teachers, numerous county GOP leaders, highway patrol officers, medical professionals, veterans, and ranchers, among others, including a huge endorsement from a combat veteran who’s served more than three decades to our nation, stating in part: Dr. Pete Chambers Endorses David Derby for U.S. Congress.

"After serving as a medic for more than three decades in the U.S. Army and retiring as a Lt. Col, I understand the importance of having strong leadership who will fight for good medical care for soldiers when they get out. Sadly, out of touch politicians don't place veteran care as a top priority. Then they try to ramrod mandates down our throats and recently forced the covid jab to active duty members -- that's unconstitutional and wrong. Dr. David Derby will be a fighter for us. He is a man of integrity and has a proven track record of taking unpopular positions as a conservative state legislator fighting for our constitutional values -- and he won. Derby will work tirelessly to help our veterans improve access to rural care and tackle the mental health issues gripping our men and women who risked their lives for this country. My fellow veterans, patriots, and medical professionals, please join me in supporting David Derby for U.S. Congress in the Republican Primary on June 28, 2022 so we can have a real fighter for us on Capitol Hill."

Derby is running to defend our state and district in Congress. “I know this District well, from as far north as Bartlesville over to Grove, down to Claremore, Muskogee, McAlester, and as far south as Idabel covering some 27 counties. This district is my home, our home, and if elected, I will fight tooth-and-nail for our Oklahoma values in Washington,” Derby said.

David Derby is a devoted husband to his wife of 25 years Kimberly Derby (a public-school teacher) and together, they have two sons, Quentin and Evan. The Derby family is actively involved in sports, their community, the local Republican party of Rogers County, and their church.


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