Friday, March 25, 2022

State Rep. Avery Frix announces congressional campaign, becomes 8th GOP candidate for 2nd District

State Rep. Avery Frix (R-Muskogee) becomes the eighth Republican to launch a campaign for the 2nd Congressional District, and the third from the city of Muskogee. The last time the seat was open - in 2012 - it drew six candidates.

He joins State Sen. Marty Quinn, State Rep. Dustin Roberts, former State Rep. and current OKGOP chairman John Bennett, police chief Johnny Teehee and pharmacist Chris Schiller (both of Muskogee), and military vets Erick Wyatt and Clint Johnson.

Below is Frix's campaign announcement:

Frix in the Fight
Vows to be a ‘force’ in Congress, takes aim at Biden

(Muskogee, Okla) Businessman, builder and state Rep. Avery Carl Frix announced today that he is officially a candidate for the 2nd Congressional district.

“In the Frix family, we build stuff,” said Frix. “Like President Trump, I’m ready to rebuild America with our values and our way of doing things. It’s time to take back Congress and our country from Biden, Harris and the rest of the leftist whackos intent on making everything in their image instead of God’s.”

Elected to the state House in 2016, Frix has a history of authoring pro-Trump and pro-life legislation. He is known as a strong conservative who has proven he will fight to keep America first.

“Put me in the fight for America,” said Frix. “I will do the tough work. I grew up turning dirt with my dad and granddad on weekends and holidays. I’ve been in the trenches, fighting for conservative causes. Everything that Biden and Pelosi are destroying – all the work that President Trump did – must be rebuilt.”

Frix comes from a long line of builders dating back to his great-grandfather. In addition to his work in the family business, Frix Construction, Frix is also the owner of Oxford Productions, a tourism and facility management company.

Among his goals in Congress, Frix cited outlawing abortion, stopping the federal government’s “assault” on assault weapons, supporting law enforcement, battling the national crime wave, rebuilding schools and curriculum to honor our nation and its history, achieving energy independence, protecting elections and addressing the hyper-inflation that is ravaging hard- working American families.

A graduate of Muskogee High School and the University of Oklahoma, Frix is married to Haley, also a business owner and the proprietor of Broadway Market in downtown Muskogee. The couple attends First Baptist in Muskogee, where Frix has been a member his entire adult life.

“My values are simple: faith, family, freedom and firearms – in that order. I’m young and fearless, and I don’t owe anyone a thing. As your Congressman, I will fight tirelessly alongside President Trump. Together, we can rebuild America the right way.”

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  1. My husband and I had lunch with Avery Frix last year in Checotah. He is smart, young, and charming. I really like him. He is very supportive of the Republican Party in McIntosh County. We are finally getting off the ground. Yeah!


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