Thursday, March 10, 2022

T.W. Shannon announces campaign for United States Senate

T.W. Shannon Announces Campaign for United States Senate
Former Speaker of the House and conservative leader says America is the the home of systemic  opportunity, not systemic racism  

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — Today, T.W. Shannon announced his entrance into the open United  States Senate race to succeed Senator Jim Inhofe.  

The former Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, business leader, successful CEO,  and Chair of Black Voices for Trump spoke to a packed room of friends and supporters in Oklahoma  City. 

“The Left says that if you look like me and are born in America, then capitalism doesn’t work for you.  My story is a living example that you can be born just a few blocks from here at Old Presbyterian  hospital, raised in Lawton, by two amazing parents, obtain a doctoral degree, get elected to office,  advise a president, become a successful CEO all by the age of 40, and yes run for the United States  Senate,” said Shannon. “The only reason any of this is possible is because America has been all in  for me, and to whom much is given, much is required.” 

Shannon continued, “If you care about generational poverty, or the less fortunate, they say capitalism  doesn’t work. This is a lie. This is the only system known to man to move people from generational  poverty to the middle class. America isn’t the home of systemic racism, she is the home of systemic  opportunity.” 

Shannon is married to Devon, and they have two children, Audrey and Tahrohon, who are both  excited about the next steps for the family. To learn more about the campaign, please visit  

T.W. Shannon, a native Oklahoman, currently serves as CEO of the Chickasaw Community Bank and is a  former member of the state legislature where he served as Speaker of the House, and led the fight for welfare  reform and lower taxes. He is married to Devon, and together they have two children.

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