Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Pro-abortion Senate Dem accidentally hits on the regulatory flaw of "pro-life"

Here's the sad truth about abortion, and it took time for me to fully understand it: pro-life laws put abortion into statute. Let me say that again: abortion is law today because of pro-life laws.

There's a reason why Democrats tried to pass a bill in the U.S. Senate late last month to codify abortion into federal law (they failed). Roe v. Wade is not law. Roe v. Wade is not statute.

Pro-lifers have been motivated to save the lives of the unborn, but for decades, we've actually been putting into law the means by which the preborn are murdered. We're regulating babies to death.

Once you understand this fact, it really is eye-opening. I believe that most pro-lifers would agree that abortion is murder, that life begins at conception, and that the ultimate goal is to end abortion in all forms it takes. Thus, a truly and fully consistent pro-life position is that of the total and immediate abolition of abortion.

State Sen. Mary Boren (D-Norman) is a liberal, pro-abortion Democrat. She penned an op-ed in The Oklahoman recently, attacking pro-life 'Rose Day', and accidentally stumbling upon a hard truth about pro-life legislation: that pro-life laws are aimed at reduc[ing] abortion rates, instead of making them illegal or move them out of state.

She is accidentally right. If Roe were struck down today, abortion would still be legal in every state, because the when, where, and how of baby-murder is written into state laws by pro-life legislation

This is why legislatures everywhere should be advancing pure abolition bills: "An abolition bill does not regulate which preborn human beings are old enough to be protected by law – it outlaws abortion itself."

Here's Boren's column, which seems to have been removed from The Oklahoman last time I checked:

Viewpoint: Anti-abortion legislation should honor dignity, privacy of Oklahoma women
by Sen. Mary Boren, D-Norman
Originally published in The Oklahoman, though now removed for some reason (cached copy)

Surely being an pro-life legislator is more than voting for abortion regulation laws and having your name read off a list on Rose Day each year.

Do I really have to vote for laws like Senate Bill 1167 and SB 1553 that track the menstruation cycles of women to be pro-life?

Last session, I introduced SB 138 to protect the education opportunity of pregnant students in Oklahoma. A large majority of Oklahoma’s private Christian colleges have requested federal waivers from the pregnancy protections contained in Title IX that apply to public colleges. Most “pro-life” colleges are places where an unmarried pregnant woman can lose her scholarships and college credits. SB 138 is a pro-life bill because it reduces the crisis in pregnant college students’ lives. But SB 138 does not aim to overturn Roe v. Wade, so it has not received a hearing.

Voters in my district have encouraged me to vote for laws that honor the life of the unborn, while also honoring the dignity, privacy and moral agency of women. These pro-life voters believe:

  1. Pro-life laws humanize and honor the lives of the unborn for their whole lives.
  2. Pro-life laws honor the life, privacy, dignity and moral agency of women.
  3. Pro-life laws reduce abortion rates, instead of making them illegal or move them out of state.
  4. Pro-life laws increase the likelihood that every pregnancy is welcomed and healthy by reducing the crisis in pregnant women’s lives so that they can carry their pregnancy to term.

Sadly, the agenda of Rose Day has narrowed over time to preserve political power by regulating abortions in ways that dehumanize pregnant women instead of removing the crisis in their lives, and this exploitive agenda pushes lawmakers like me out of their fellowship on Rose Day.

Sen. Mary Boren, D-Norman, represents the people living in District 16, which includes Norman, Noble, Lexington and Slaughterville in Cleveland County.

Here's the thing, Boren's definition of "pro-life" is not what most pro-lifers would agree with, but she stumbled on the regulatory nature of the pro-life movement. Instead, abortion must be abolished.


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