Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Senate passes measure keeping Planned Parenthood out of classrooms

Senate passes measure keeping Planned Parenthood out of classrooms

OKLAHOMA CITY – The full Senate has given approval to Senate Bill 1544, which would prevent public, charter or virtual schools across the state from partnering with an individual or entity that performs, induces, or provides abortions.

Authored by Sen. Roland Pederson, R-Burlington, the measure aims to prevent organizations, like Planned Parenthood, from instituting curriculum and normalizing sexual activities, behavior, and abortion in the state’s public-school systems.

“It should be our goal to create a culture of life in Oklahoma where every human being is treated with dignity and respect from conception to death,” Pederson said. “In order for this to happen, we must teach our children to value and respect human life. How does normalizing abortion and sexual promiscuity accomplish that goal? It doesn’t, and these are the things being taught by Planned Parenthood and other organizations contracted to teach sex-ed. These are topics that need to be discussed between parents and their children, not pro-abortion organizations seeking to profit off our schools and students.”

While Planned Parenthood often operates under many different names and indirectly with schools, Pederson said the pop-up clinics in high schools across Los Angeles are the perfect example as to why SB 1544 is needed.

“Planned Parenthood pop-up clinics may not be in Oklahoma yet, but with their launch in California, it’s only a matter of time before the organization begins to strategically position themselves to host similar clinics in other states,” Pederson said. “Schools should instead look to other non-profit organizations that offer a more balanced approach to teaching abstinence and insist on including parents in the process.”

The measure would allow schools to partner with a hospital that provides abortions if the procedure is done under a medical emergency to save the life of the mother. It next moves to the House of Representatives where Rep. Sherrie Conley, R-Newcastle, is the House principal author.


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