Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Republican Mike Masters giving it a second go for HD71

Republican Mike Masters is running for State House District 71, hoping a second try will help to snag the seat for the GOP. Masters ran in 2020, coming up just short of defeating Democrat Denise Brewer.

Dedicated Community Servant Mike Masters Announces Candidacy for House District 71
Mike Masters will cut red-tape, get bureaucrats out of schools and support law enforcement

(Tulsa, OK) February 28, 2022 - Public school teacher and licensed real estate agent Mike Masters announced his candidacy for Oklahoma House District 71 today. As a proud father, 17-year veteran public school teacher and committed community servant, Mike began teaching to help ensure our kids reach their full potential. He viewed teaching as being a role model and focused his educational career teaching history and government. 

“The most important asset for our communities are children and the schools they attend,” said Masters. “Parents need to have the opportunity to be involved in their children’s education and not be afraid of some bureaucratic pushback when they speak-up for the future of their kids.” 

Mike has worked tirelessly within our community, not only as a teacher, but as a neighbor and businessman as a former board member of both the Brookside Neighborhood Association and the Brookside Business Association. As a dedicated community servant, Mike advocates for safer neighborhoods and increased resources for law enforcement to keep our communities prosperous. 

“Tulsa deserves an advocate who will not only speak-up for parents and kids, but one who realizes that a safe environment is vital to the future of our community. We must fund our law enforcement and public safety programs to ensure growth and development.” 

Mike will be focusing his state house candidacy on the following issues: 

  • Improving education so that every parent has a say in their child’s future
  • Neighborhood safety & support for the full funding of law enforcement
  • Cutting red tape for business development and economic growth so entrepreneurs can succeed, and bureaucrats are held in-check


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