Saturday, March 19, 2022

T.W. Shannon announces military advisory council for Senate campaign

T.W. Shannon Announces Military Advisory Council

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — With support of military leaders from across the state, T.W. Shannon announces his military advisory council.

“America’s military might is mission critical during these uncertain times. Having the advisement of these military leaders is invaluable during this campaign and for the next Senator from Oklahoma. I am humbled by their support and confidence in me,” said Shannon.

“I am pleased to endorse T.W. Shannon for United States Senate. T.W. is a man of integrity and strength. He understands the value of our military and military personnel, not just for our state, but also for our nation,” said Major General Lee Baxter, Chairman of T.W. Shannon’s military advisory council.

General Hopper Smith stated, “Having known T.W. Shannon for almost 20 years I know he is a man of character and strength in public service and the private sector. T.W. is a fighter with a track record of reform. He is the right man at the right time.”

“I am proud to serve as a military advisor to T.W. Shannon. I know he will always put our men and women in uniform first,” said Major General Toney Stricklin.

General Jesse Crosse supports T.W. Shannon saying, “ T.W. Shannon is the best man for the job due to his understanding of the military and the important role it plays in supporting the citizens of the United States.”

General Rita Aragon stated, “T.W. Shannon has the background and understanding to be a fine Senator. He knows how critical it is to protect the 5 military installations in Oklahoma.” 

Shannon’s campaign will be holding a series of virtual and in-person town hall events with his military advisors throughout the campaign.

Major General Lee Baxter served 31 years in the US Army, he was frequently stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. His last assignment there was Commanding General of the US Army Field Artillery Center and School. Upon retirement MG Baxter has devoted his time to public service to the military community. MG Baxter has served the community on numerous boards and commissions.

Brigadier General and Assistant Adjunct General Hopper Smith has over 30 years in military service. In 2003 BG Smith resigned from his House seat due to deployment to Afghanistan. BG Smith has spent his life advocating for the United States military.

With 27 years of military service, Major General Rita Aragon was the first female commander of the Oklahoma Air National Guard. A decorated military leader, MG Aragon later became chief advisor on matters related to the policies and operations of the Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs.

Brigadier General Jesse Cross’s military career spanned over 32 years. BG Cross was the 50th Quartermaster General of the United States Army and the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Quartermaster School at Fort Lee, Virginia.

Major General Toney Stricklin was commissioned in 1970 through the Army’s Officer Candidate School program, rose to become a major general in artillery, and eventually became the commanding general of the Army Field Artillery Center and of Fort Sill, OK. MG Stricklin later became Chief of the Nuclear Surety Assistance Team, and Executive Officer to the director of the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management.


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