Friday, November 06, 2020

'Oklahomans United Against 805' celebrate victory

Oklahomans Value Public Safety, Reject Out-of-State Dollars

Oklahoma City — Oklahomans United against 805 released a statement upon the news that State Question 805 — which would have allowed repeat criminals out of prison sooner and endangered all law-abiding Oklahomans — has been defeated.

“Thank you to the voters. It proves that grassroots and Oklahomans control their own destiny. Our constitution cannot be bought by out-of-state interests.  It took an incredible team, not the least of which are our elected leaders, Governor Kevin Stitt, Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, Attorney General Mike Hunter, and so many others.  When we started, it was an uphill battle, but these three leaders stood strong to do what was right -- not just that which appeared to be politically expedient.”
—    Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating

"Oklahomans have shown they do not take altering our constitution lightly.  I am very proud my fellow Oklahomans have recognized this, and it is my hope that future efforts fully exhaust legislative remedies before embarking on an amendment as did the out-of-state proponents of S.Q. 805.”
—    Marc Nuttle, Attorney & Treasurer, Oklahomans United against 805

“Defeat of SQ 805 sends a message that Oklahomans value public safety. They want safer homes, safer streets, and want us to continue doing our jobs.”
—    Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff 

“Those who have been in abusive relationships now know that Oklahomans support them.  Your life has value.  You have been, and will continue, to be heard.
—    Kim Garrett, CEO/Founder, Palomar Domestic Violence Center 

“Now the responsible work resumes. Most every Oklahoman agrees more can be done to break the cycle of crime that is spurred by incarceration.  It is time to bring all stakeholders to the table and really do the hard work of making our state safer in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.”
—    Tricia Everest, Attorney, Criminal Justice Reformer, and Chair of Oklahomans United against 805

“From the perspective of officers in the field, I can say, we find this as an affirmation that voters value public safety as much as we do. This sends a strong signal to all Oklahomans, from the state capitol to city halls that the communities we protect and serve want a strong focus on public safety.”
—    Mark Nelson, Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police

“Today is a good day for Oklahoma, including our rural families.  I am pleased that so many Farm Bureau families have stood together to stop this outside influence and to fight for protecting our friends and neighbors.”
—    Rodd Moesel, Oklahoma Farm Bureau

“District Attorneys are obviously pleased with these results but the reality is that this is a victory for crime victims and survivors.  While these results speak to Oklahomans' support for victims of crime as well as the concept of increased accountability for repeat offenders, your District Attorneys will continue to protect public safety while working for greater access to mental health and addiction treatment services for offenders who need help. We stand ready to address these important issues which are vital to making our state a safer place for our families.”
—    Angela Marsee, Oklahoma District Attorneys Association


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